Assessing Smart Buildings – The Time is Now for a Holistic Approach

There’s no denying the growing demand for smarter buildings – regardless of building type or industry vertical. According to reports from CABA, Navigant Research and Markets and Markets, the commercial smart building market is expected to grow from $35 billion in 2018 to $70 billion by 2023. The question becomes: How do building owners, REITs,…

Beyond Building Automation

The smart home and building is not a new frontier for the tech industry but what’s beyond automation. At MWC 2015 to tell us more about the smart home and building spaces are Priit Vimberg, CEO at YOGA and Ben Tan, Product Manager for Smart Homes of the IoT Group at Intel.

Building a Better Building is Smart

What defines a smart building? How do smart buildings fit into smart communities? Is legacy infrastructure a problem? Join TIA NOW as we talk to Hugh Ujhazy, Associate VP for IoT and Telecommunications at IDC, about the architecture of the smart community.

CES Gets Smart

The buzz at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was about new developments in connectivity. Harry Smeenk, TIA’s VP of Programs, discusses how innovations in smart homes/communities, autonomous vehicles and AI changed this year’s CES from device focused to technology focused.

Do You Have a Wireless Plan? A Strategic Question for Enterprises and Cities

This guest post is sponsored by T-Mobile. We are pleased to have T-Mobile as one of our Founding Sponsors for TIA’s Smart Buildings Program. Guest Post by Luke Lucas Senior Manager, National 5G SMART and In-Building Coverage T-Mobile Over the past few months, I’ve received messages from many building owners concerned about how poor connectivity…

FOTC Webinar Series: Smart Buildings, Smart Networks

This webinar featuring Limor Schafman of TIA and Mario Blandini & John Toomjaon of DZS will look at the changes inherent in the digital evolution and infrastructure solutions.

MWC19 Barcelona Partner Programme:
Smart Buildings & 5G: The Use Case

The infrastructure demands of 5G through Smart Buildings.

New TIA Smart Building Assessment Criteria Can Support Cities Planning Safe Return to Work

Governments and businesses across the country are learning everything they can about what a reintroduction into shared work spaces and common places might look like, especially for densely-occupied city buildings. As part of city and state plans to address the ongoing health-care crisis posed by COVID-19, they should encourage building owners to incorporate TIA’s industry-defined…

Partner Event: NECA 2019 Las Vegas Convention & Trade Show

TIA’s Senior Director of Smart Buildings Limor Schafman will be at the the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) annual convention speaking about smart buildings.

Partner Event: Realcomm 2019 |IBcon

TIA will be showcasing it’s Smart Buildings Program at Realcomm |IBCon 2019.


SCWS Americas 2018 is a small cells conference focused on in-building and outdoor connectivity.

Partner Event: Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge Expo

The Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge Expo brings together municipal and corporate partners from around the world the Department of Commerce/NIST lead event hosts a series of presentations and discussions in support of the development of smart cities.