Optimizing the Global ICT Supply Chain Through Quality, Security, and Sustainability

To address the challenges that come with digital transformation, new business models, innovation, and increasing competition, TIA QuEST Forum brings together companies from around the world who manufacture, deploy and operate cutting edge networks, to develop process-based industry standards and tools to improve business performance.


Supply Chain Security

TIA QuEST Forum was the organization trusted by the global ICT industry to facilitate the development of the first ICT standard for supply chain security, SCS 9001. The Supply Chain Security Work Group was established to develop and maintain the critical standard to help organizations ensure trust in their suppliers and address cyber breach, ransomware and zero day threats from infiltrating their networks.

Collaboratively identifies best practices and executes key projects and initiatives to address a range of global ICT issues.

Provides ICT industry performance data and measurement via Performance Data Reports and benchmarking as a service.

Quality Management System built on ISO 9001 to define the unique ICT industry supply chain quality system requirements.

Who we are

TIA QuEST Forum is comprised of global organizations, partners, and industry leaders that form a flexible structure of regions and hubs dedicated to addressing the collective issues of its global stakeholders in pursuit of ICT quality and performance.

These global regions address geo-specific quality needs and issues, and provide valuable input to TIA QuEST Forum Working Groups.

Every year, participants are recognized for their dedication, achievement, contribution and corporate sustainability.

TIA QuEST Forum participants include a range of service providers, suppliers and strategic partners from across the globe.

Products and Services

TL 9000 Quality Management System

A quality management system built on ISO 9001 but designed specifically for the ICT industry to define requirements for products and services and provide a measurement system for companies to track performance and improve results through a consistent set of quality expectations.

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A process-based standard which provides organizations with the means to improve the security throughout their ICT supply chain by ensuring security measures, controls and processes are present in both solutions and suppliers to reduce risk and improve responses to cyber attacks.

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TIA Sustainability Assessor

Designed to enable companies to rapidly self-assess and benchmark their sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs against industry best practices by rating their performance in areas that align with TL 9000 sustainability assessment measures.

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Performance Data Reports

Benchmarking with Performance Data Reports (PDRs)

Derived from mandatory monthly statistics submitted by certified TL 9000 registrations and provided free to members, as well as offered for sale, PDRs are compiled for each TL 9000 measurement in all product categories, providing reliable trend data and robust industry benchmark information.

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Featuring guest speaker James Ketner of AT&T, this webinar recognizes the value of a good security program for organizations.

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Provides access to past presentations and papers from conferences, workshops, or training classes. Members can search by keywords, titles, presenters, presentation type, event, and location.

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QuEST Forum Webinars

Cover a wide range of key industry issues and trends, as well as valuable information on key initiatives being addressed within working groups, benchmarking and the TL 9000 Quality Management System.

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Press Releases

The Sustainability Assessor was developed by TIA’s QuEST Forum for companies looking to rapidly self-assess and benchmark their sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs against industry best practices.

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