Building trust in global ict infrastructure by optimizing Quality, Supply chain Security and Sustainability

Formed in 1998 to address the challenges that come with digital transformation, new business models, innovation, and increasing global competition, TIA QuEST Forum brings together global companies and industry leaders to develop innovative solutions, services, and tools that drive business performance, improve customer experience, and achieve the highest levels of quality across the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

What We Do

TIA QuEST Forum and our participants are dedicated to optimizing ICT supply chains with standards and tools to improve quality, security and sustainability. For nearly 25 years we have driven continual quality improvement in the ICT Industry.

TIA QuEST Forum maintains the TL 9000 Quality Management System built on ISO 9001 to define the unique ICT industry supply chain quality system requirements.

TIA QuEST Forum's Supply Chain Security Working Group has developed the world's first ICT cybersecurity and supply chain security standard, SCS 9001.

Who we are

TIA QuEST Forum is a unique community of global ICT service providers and suppliers partnering on the pursuit of global quality, supply chain security, sustainability and overall business excellence in the ICT industry. Our working groups and regional hubs meet regularly to ensure we continue to align with industry needs and stay ahead of trends.

Collaboratively identify best practices and execute key projects and initiatives to address a range of global ICT issues.

TIA QuEST Forum participants include a range of service providers, suppliers and strategic partners from across the globe.

These global regions address geo-specific quality needs and issues, and provide valuable input to TIA QuEST Forum Working Groups.

Every year, participants are recognized for their dedication, achievement, contribution and corporate sustainability.

Strategic Benchmarking

Continuous improvement in the hallmark of any Total Quality Management System and being able to measure that improvement is of equal importance. We have been collecting performance data for 25 years and create comprehensive, anonymized benchmark reports. Our data shows that TL 9000 continues to drive significant quality improvement in critical ICT product categories.

TIA QuEST Forum participants receive these monthly Performance Data Reports (PDRs), which are anonymous benchmarking reports for the over 160 different TL 9000 product categories. Each measurement trend chart shows the best-in-class, industry average, and worst-in-class performance.

Participants also have access to benchmarking data from the Sustainability Assessor and when available SCS 9001 certified organizations.

This data is invaluable for comparing your performance against competitors, and analyzing your suppliers’ quality in comparison to industry best-in-class, average and worst-in-class.

As SCS 9001 certifications reach a critical mass PDRs for SCS 9001 will also be available to TIA QuEST Forum members at no cost.


Performance Data Reports

Benchmarking with Performance Data Reports (PDRs)

Derived from mandatory monthly statistics submitted by certified TL 9000 registrations and provided free to members, as well as offered for sale, PDRs are compiled for each TL 9000 measurement in all product categories, providing reliable trend data and robust industry benchmark information.

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QuEST Forum Webinars

Cover a wide range of key industry issues and trends, as well as valuable information on key initiatives being addressed within working groups, benchmarking and the TL 9000 Quality Management System.

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