Webinar – Boost Your C-SCRM Strategy with Advanced Software Tools and Industry Standards

As the threat of cyberattacks continues to loom over all industries, organizations worldwide are diligently working to fortify their security defenses. While many governments are implementing policies and guidelines to bolster the security of communication networks, critical infrastructure, and consumer devices, it is evident that malicious actors will persist in targeting organizations despite regulatory measures.…

TIA-942: Peru Hub Digital

Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú Calle Barcelona No 240, San Isidro, Peru

Join Mr. Jacques Fluet, TIA's Director, Network Service Assurance Program for his “El standard sobre infraestructura para Centros de Datos TIA-942 está adaptándose a la evolución de la industria: ¿Qué ha cambiado en la nueva versión C?” presentation.

Broadband Communities Summit 2024

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center Texas 1601 LAKE ROBBINS DR, WOODLANDS, TX

DELIVERING CONNECTIVITY FOR COMMUNITIES Broadband Communities Summit is the leading event for community leaders, property owners, network infrastructure builders and telco service providers to meet and discuss strategies for delivering connectivity for communities across the US.

ICT Summit Colombia 2024

Ágora Bogotá Centro de Convenciones Bogotá, Colombia

Check back often for more information about the presentation being given by Mr. Jacques Fluet, TIA's Director, Network Service Assurance Program.

Webinar – Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience through Government and Industry Collaboration

In this webinar, we will explore the growing supply chain security challenges faced by organizations and critical infrastructure companies in ensuring their hardware and software remain free from cyber threats and attacks. This challenge has prompted substantial global government intercession with many recommendations, publications and outright legislation having been enacted. This webinar will focus on…

ICT SCRM Task Force Conference 2024: Innovations in ICT Supply Chain Risk Management


SMB information technology (IT) and communications providers represent more than 160,000 companies in the United States; connect millions of households and businesses to the internet every day; and acquire, build, and integrate technology solutions for themselves and their customers. Implementing supply chain security practices is therefore critical for these ICT entities. For many, knowing where…