The importance of quality

Quality always has and will be one of the most defining characteristics of leaders in any industry. Sometimes high-quality products are taken for granted, but almost always low-quality products are easily recognized. Additionally, even a strong brand can be tainted by one lapse in quality with effects that can last for years.

25 years of continuous quality improvement

TIA QuEST Forum brings together global companies and industry leaders to develop innovative solutions, services, and tools that drive business performance, improve customer experience, and achieve the highest levels of quality across the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

Since 1998 TIA QuEST Forum and our participants have maintained TL 9000 to address the challenges that come with digital transformation, new business models, innovation, and increasing global competition. To this day TL 9000 drives continuous improvement in key ICT product categories.

TIA QuEST Forum is a unique community of ICT service providers and suppliers partnering on the pursuit of global quality, supply chain security, sustainability and overall business excellence in the ICT industry.

integrated global quality

Our IGQ Working group is essential to ensuring that the benefits of TL 9000 continue to be realized as the industry and technology changes. The meet regularly to discuss trends and process improvement ideas and initiatives.