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NEW! A Future at The Edge: Edge Data Center Working Group Solutions Brief Papers
5G and the host of new technologies it will enable demand low-latency communication at the edge that require rethinking the how and where data centers are built and managed.

TIA Position Paper: Holistic Approach to Smart Buildings

There's no denying the growing demand for Smart Buildings. But how will building owners, REITs, and developers assess the overall intelligence of a building?

Learn about our holistic approach

TIA Announces Upgrades to QuEST Forum’s Online Sustainability Assessor Tool

Arlington, VA (April 29, 2020) –– The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, today announced a series of upgrades and updates to its online Sustainability Assessor. The Sustainability Assessor.

TIA Position Paper: Supply Chain Security

The global telecom network and ICT supply chain is at greater risk for malicious cyberattacks than ever before – threatening to disrupt businesses, consumers and our economic competitiveness.

Learn how our industry is responding to this critical issue

INSIGHT: Telecom Industry Must Develop Trustworthy 5G Equipment Supply Chains

The telecom industry must do all it can to safeguard the nation’s telecommunications systems in light of coming 5G changes and pending federal rules, David Stehlin, CEO of the Telecommunications Industry Association says. Industry has an opportunity to address supply.