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BEAD Success Summit 2023

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This special event is taking place on April 19 and 20 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia. The Summit will bring together industry, state and federal government leaders to discuss, in workshop form, the BEAD Program requirements and latest network architectures and alternatives.

Cyber & Supply Chain Security

Network Security must be built-in and not bolted-on. TIA QuEST Forum’s SCS 9001 Cyber/Supply Chain Security Standard is designed holistically to secure ICT networks using proven processes, controls and measures to continually improve security performance and align with demands from emerging regulations globally.

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Smart buildings are dependent connectivity networks to enable both IT and OT functions. Robust, future-ready network infrastructure enables smart building owners to capitalize on optimized operations, maintenance,  security, and occupant experience. Learn more in our latest white paper.

New White Paper Available Now!

TIA's Data Center Working Group has published a new white paper focusing on sustainable power for new edge data centers.

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Transformation. In a word, it’s what every player in the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry faces today. Millions of users from every corner of the globe coming onto the network. From remote locations in the Middle East and Africa to bustling urban epicenters in Europe and North America, these users are lighting up the network with billions of bandwidth-hungry devices. And with it, they are transforming the way in which network service must be delivered.


Technology Programs

As the ICT market remains immersed in a period of rapid transformation, TIA works diligently to stay ahead of the change.



Digital transformation. New business models. The change imperative is disrupting conventional thinking and empowering innovation.



TIA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standards developing organization (SDO).



As the ICT market remains immersed in a period of rapid transformation, TIA works diligently to stay ahead of the change.


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