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Mobile Equipment IDentifiers (MEID)

A Mobile Equipment IDentifier (MEID) is a globally unique 56-bit identification number for a physical piece of mobile station equipment. Equipment identifiers are "burned" into a device and should be resistant to modification. They are used to facilitate mobile equipment identification and tracking. Additionally, MEID multi-mode assignments are coordinated with International Mobile Equipment Identifiers (IMEIs), facilitating global roaming and harmonization between 3G, 4G and 5G technologies as a universal mobile equipment identifier.

The MEID is a 14-digit hexadecimal value. The MEID is capable of being transmitted over the air upon a request from the network and is composed mainly of two basic components, the manufacturer code and the serial number, as follows:

manufacturer code and serial number

All fields are defined as hexadecimal values with the following valid range.

  • RR - valid range A0 . FF - globally administered
  • XXXXXX - valid range 000000. FFFFFF
  • ZZZZZZ - valid range 000000. FFFFFF
  • C - valid range 0. F - Not transmitted over the air.
  • In the case of MEIDs for terminals designed to comply with both 3GPP and 3GPP2 specifications (i.e., multimode terminals), all these fields are defined as decimal values with the following valid range:
  • RR - valid range '99', '98', '97'. - globally administered
  • XXXXXX - valid range 000000. 999999
  • ZZZZZZ - valid range 000000. 999999
  • C - valid range 0 . 9 - Not transmitted over the air.

MEID Administration

TIA serves as the Global Hexadecimal Administrator (GHA) to assign MEID manufacturer codes. TIA is the sole Global Administrator with authority to assign a Hexadecimal MEID.

TIA also coordinates with the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) Global Decimal Administrator (GDA), the GSM Association, when TIA administers Decimal IMEI/MEID codes for multi-mode equipment. The TIA Standards Committee TR-45 ESN/UIM/MEID Ad Hoc, in cooperation with 3GPP2, successfully worked with the wireless industry to assist the smooth transition from ESN to MEID. The following library of MEID documents is intended to assist the MEID understanding and migration from the finite ESN numbering resource to MEID:

MEID Assignments

The Global Hexadecimal Administrator (GHA) administrator's report may be available to materially- and directly-affected parties via the TIA MEID database where a login and password credentials are required.

MEID Guidelines and Process

MEID Application Process

There is a fee for filing MEID application assignments. The fee chart is available here. Applicants are required to request MEID assignments from the GHA by completing and transmitting FORM A. Once the form is received, the GHA will inform the applicant of the required fee. Assignments will NOT be processed until payment has been received.

MEID Forms

FORM A - Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) Application Form: Applicants are asked to download and print and are required to fill out this form to apply for Mobile Equipment Identifiers (MEID). Completed forms should be mailed to and

FORM C - Mobile Equipment Identifier Use Declaration: Assignees are required to use this form to inform the MEID GHA of MEID MFR Code deployment.

FORM D - Request for Change in Mobile Equipment Identifier Information: Assignees are required to use this form to inform the MEID GHA of any modifications in the contact information on file for the MEID assignment. The MEID GHA will communicate confirmation that this modification has been made by responding with FORM E: Confirmation of Change in Mobile Equipment Identifier Assignment Information.

FORM F - Mobile Equipment Identifier Assignment Return: Assignees are required to use this form to return to the GHA, any MEID MFR Code no longer needed for the production of mobile stations (MSs), any MEID MFR Code not deployed within the time period specified, including extensions, or any MEID MFR Code not used in conformance with these assignment guidelines.

FORM G - Certification of Compliance with MEID Guidelines: Assignees are required to use this form to communicate to the GHA, on an annual basis, compliance with the MEID Guidelines.


TIA MEID Administrator Contacts:

John Derr, Sr. Director, Numbering Administration Regulatory Affairs

+1 202 361 7727


Cathy Wang, Director, MEID Administration – Asia-Pacific Region

+1 571 451 8926

+86 18818399470