Introducing SCS 9001TM - the first-ever Supply Chain Security Management System that tackles the growing threat of supply chain cyber-attacks head-on. In a world where information and communications technology (ICT) is at the forefront, SCS 9001 provides a comprehensive system for global supply chain security.

With SCS 9001, network operators, service providers, system integrators, manufacturers, buyers, suppliers, and consumers can now have confidence that the software, hardware, and other technology components they produce, purchase, and deploy meet critical security benchmarks to mitigate the risk of cybersecurity attacks.

This section offers a wealth of valuable information, guidelines, and resources for individuals or organizations embarking on a new, ongoing, or advanced implementation of SCS 9001.

Take advantage of TIA's extensive selection of on-demand and instructor-led training courses, designed to cater to individuals at every stage of SCS 9001 adoption and implementation.

To achieve certification in SCS 9001, a recognized Certification Body conducts a thorough audit and, upon successful completion, endorses the organization for certification.

TIA's extensive resources shed light on the increasing network vulnerabilities and the vital role played by the SCS 9001 in instilling confidence in digital technology across various industries.

TIA provides comprehensive materials, presentations, references and documents to assist beginners and advanced users of the SCS 9001 standard.

TIA calculates the average performance of all certified SCS 9001 registrations in the appropriate categories and makes this benchmark data available free of charge to TIA QuEST Forum participants.

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