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TIA seeks to catalyze a connected world in which technology and innovation enable a better life for every person. Leading the industry, TIA operates at the intersection of technology, standards, advocacy and business performance. We to help our members grow their business, shape the industry, and advance solutions that serve the entire ICT ecosystem.

Our Community

Part of TIA’s unique value lies in the communities that make up our organization. Our members come to TIA to achieve tangible results and drive the ICT industry forward. Our members; working in diverse communities that advance technology, standards, advocacy and business; are critical parts of the services, program and product solutions TIA develops to meet the critical challenges our industry faces.

Our Approach Stands Out

Leveraging our deep expertise and belief in a performance-based culture, TIA tackles critical challenges in ICT across our divisions by driving scalable, repeatable, consistent processes to deliver outcomes and value for our members through disciplines that ‘get things done’ across our communities.

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