The Trusted Industry Association for the Connected World

In a time of technological transformation, connectivity is the foundation upon which modern innovation is built. The networks that connect people and things are evolving but the needs for quality, security and reliability remain the same. TIA has helped facilitate advancements in telecommunications and ICT for 90+ years by offering a neutral ground for companies of all sizes to collaborate and solve common challenges through development of standards, fostering new technologies, improving business performance, and advocating on global policies.

Our Community

Part of TIA’s unique value lies in the diverse communities that make up our organization. Our members come to TIA to achieve growth and help drive the ICT industry forward. Our members and participants shape the various communities that advance technology, standards, advocacy and business performance to meet the critical challenges our industry faces head on. Our culture enables members and participants to build strong, lasting relationships with peers from around the industry and around the world.

Our Approach Stands Out

Leveraging our deep expertise and belief in a performance-based culture, TIA tackles critical challenges in ICT by driving scalable, repeatable, consistent processes to deliver outcomes and value for our members through objectives that ‘get things done’ across our communities. We are communities of "doers" who come from companies of all sizes, ranging from tier 1 service providers to 1-person consultants, that come together to advance together.

Membership & Participation Options

TIA offers two levels of engagement: Full Membership and Participation.


Includes access to join and participate in our Technology Programs, Standards Development, and Government Affairs initiatives.

Full members also receive discounts on QuEST Forum participation, TIA-hosted events, marketing opportunities, and access to TIA’s industry research.

As a full member, you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Create and shape industry standards
  • Advocate on policies that impact the industry
  • Engage with lawmakers & regulators
  • Gain timely ICT industry policy insights
  • Participate in multiple focused communities
  • Access TIA market research
  • Receive member discounts on events, products, and services
  • Participate in technology program working groups

TIA Participation Options:

Standards Committee: Participate in shaping a specific TIA standard to define industry specifications and procedures alongside your business partners, competitors, and customers. TIA is an ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization.

Technology Program: TIA’s Technology Programs bring together various stakeholders to solve industry challenges and enable technology advancement and adoption. Current Programs include Smart Buildings and Edge Data Centers and program participation also includes participation on the corresponding TIA Standards Committee.

Technical Advisory Group: TIA serves as the administrator for U.S. Technical Advisory Groups that prepare contributions for international standards bodies. Participants represent U.S. business interests by preparing positions and contributions of strategic importance for international standards development.


In 2017, TIA merged with QuEST Forum, uniting two trusted associations that represent the ICT industry in order to address quality, sustainability, and security requirements as part of the various TIA standards and program initiatives created to serve our members and their business interests.

QuEST Forum Participation Options:

Full Participant: Open to all telecom service providers and suppliers, includes full access to all QuEST Forum programs and working groups.

Affiliate Participant: Open to individual and business entities under or part of full participant companies, including subsidiaries, subordinate organizations and holding companies.

Liaison Participant: Open to TL 9000 training providers, business consultants, certification bodies, accreditation bodies, and other organizations. Liaison Participants may participate in community activities and discussions but can not vote or hold leadership positions.