In an increasingly connected world, the security of our networks is critical to ensure that consumers, businesses and governments can reach the full potential of their technologies. Since nearly every sector of the global economy relies on a robust international ICT supply chain, every contributor throughout the supply chain has a responsibility to address the risks they face.

This is why TIA QuEST Forum and our participants decided to build a new cybersecurity and supply chain security management system that will help organizations verify that suppliers and technology components can be trusted.

TIA QuEST Forum’s SCS 9001 provides a means for network operators, service providers, systems integrators, manufacturers, buyers, and suppliers across the global information and communication technology (ICT) and IoT supply chains to verify that network hardware and software components and subcomponents meet critical security benchmarks to mitigate the risk of cybersecurity attacks.

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Interested in joining our Supply Chain Security Working Group? Join leaders from global service providers, equipment suppliers, software providers and consultants to evolve SCS 9001 to meet the ever changing cybersecurity and supply chain risk management (SCRM) landscape.

TIA Supply Chain Security Resources


IOT Position Paper


New position paper outlines the issues and describes the opportunities for significant IOT security improvements.

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Presenting SCS 9001, the first-of-its-kind process-based standard for measuring and verifying trusted suppliers in the global ICT industry.

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Securing the Global ICT Supply Chain: An Overview of the New SCS 9001 Standard

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Supply Chain Security Technical Bulletins

Explore our library of technical bulletins to read how SCS 9001 aligns with government and regulatory requirements around the world and how SCS 9001 could have help prevent and mitigate well-known cybersecurity breaches.

How SCS 9001 aligns with global government regulations

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How scs 9001 can mitigate the impact to security breaches

Technical Bulletin: SCS 9001 Potential Impacts to the Log4j Security Breach >DOWNLOAD NOW

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SCS 9001 was developed to establish a measurable, third party verifiable standard and draws from our 25 years of experience in managing and expanding process improvement standards, namely TL9000.

Security requires independent verification and the benchmarking component of our system helps drive continuous improvement. Successfully completing SCS 9001 will enable ICT organizations to demonstrate that their products, solutions and services are trusted.