The SCS 9001 Handbook requires SCS 9001 registrants to compare their performance against available industry data. TIA QuEST Forum calculates the average performance of all certified SCS 9001 registrations in the appropriate categories and makes this benchmark data available free of charge to TIA QuEST Forum participants.

SCS 9001 Performance Data Reports (PDRs) are calculated quarterly and annually.

Please note: The first PDR will be produced after sufficient data is available.

PDRs are compiled from mandatory quarterly data submissions from all SCS 9001 certified registrations. TIA QuEST Forum's SCS 9001 Administrator manages the database, oversees operations, and produces the PDRs. The SCS 9001 Administrator also guarantees complete security and contributor anonymity.


This section provides information about making and understanding SCS 9001 data submissions.

Due Dates

The SCS 9001® Supply Chain Security Management System Handbook requires certified SCS 9001 registrations to submit their appropriate security measurements each quarter no later than 4 weeks after the end of the quarter.

Note: For the purpose of determining whether a data submission is on time or late, the SCS 9001 system clocks utilize UTC, Coordinated Universal Time, and not the local time of the submitter.


If data is submitted in error it must be corrected and resubmitted. However data more than two years old does not have to be submitted. The age of data is determined by the quarter of data that is currently due.


Data can be submitted online or by using a data submission template.


Quarterly PDRs

  • Available free to TIA QuEST Forum suppliers and service provider participants through the TIA QuEST Forum/SCS 9001 portal.
  • Available by purchase to TIA QuEST Forum liaison members and non-members.
  • Provides Best-in-Class, Worst-in-Class, industry average, and monthly average.
  • Published two business days after the data is due each quarter.


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Annual PDRs

  • Available free to all SCS 9001 certified registrations, including TIA QuEST Forum participants and non-participants
  • TIA QuEST Forum participants and non-TIA QuEST Forum participants have full access to all annual performance data reports.
  • Published annually in late February for the prior year.
  • Accessed through the SCS 9001 registration home page via link to ‘View Annual Performance Data Report’
  • Shows industry average and number of data points included in the average from all certified registrations over the prior year
  • Shows the best-in-class value for December from a single registration. NA (Not Available) means there was not enough companies or registrations reporting data to produce an output
  • Shows the Average Quarterly Normalization Units applicable to the measurement. When the same normalization unit applies to multiple measurements it is listed only once.

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  • PDR Access and pricing (in-process)
  • PDR Report Brochure (in-process)
  • PDR Calculations
  • PDR Usage (in-process)
  • Advanced PDR Graphical Reports (in-process)


How to Access the PDRs for TIA QuEST Forum Participant Companies

Performance Data Reports (PDRs) are available FREE to TIA QuEST Forum participants who are service providers, suppliers, their subsidiaries, and affiliates. Other companies must purchase the PDRs under a license agreement.

Note: Companies certified to SCS 9001 are not automatically TIA QuEST Forum participants.

Access to the PDRs for TIA QuEST Forum participant companies is via the TIA QuEST Forum Portal. Note that you must be authorized by your company to view the PDRs. If you cannot access the PDRs, you will need to contact the primary or alternate administrators of your company to request permission. Follow these steps to access the PDRs:

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Select Member's Area under TIA QuEST Forum in the left side menu
  3. Click on Performance Data Reports under Resources in the center of the screen. If Performance Data Reports does not appear then you are not authorized to view the PDRs
  4. Review the Terms of Usage of the PDRs and click ‘I Agree’ to agree to the terms
  5. The PDRs can be viewed online or downloaded either by single product category or all product categories in a compressed file at the bottom of the list

The PDR output measurements are explained in detail in the calculation paper. PDR users are also advised to read the paper on usage to get the most value from the reports.

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How to Purchase the PDRs by TIA QuEST Forum Liaison Participants and Non-Members

  1. Download the license agreement
  2. Sign the license agreement, copy it into a pdf and send it to pdrs@questforum.org as instructed in the agreement
  3. Place your order via E-Shop
  4. Pay by credit , or wire transfer, or by check on E-Shop - instructions for each are posted in E-Shop

Delivery and Format
of PDRs

After payment is received, the purchased PDRs are sent via e-mail to the person named in the license agreement as comma separated value files (CSV) and include:

  • Date of calculation
  • Name of the measurement
  • Industry average
  • Monthly average
  • Best-in-class
  • Worst-in-class
  • Number of data points for each of the above

The PDR output measurements are explained in detail in the calculation paper.
PDR users are also advised to read the paper on usage to get the most value from the reports.

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Please note: The first PDRs will be available in 1st Quarter of 2023. Pricing will be published in advance.

TIA QuEST Forum offers a special introductory price for the first reports purchased. PDRs are available at lower prices to all TIA (QF) Liaison members and companies. Non-TIA QuEST Forum members and non-SCS 9001 registered organizations pay full price for the PDRs.

Each PDR purchased covers a two-year time period and is a one-time purchase only.

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