The Integrated Global Quality (IGQ) working group defines system requirements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of telecom products and services and drives a measurement system that allows companies to track and benchmark results and improve performance. Any organization focused on global telecommunications quality and industry-wide performance excellence should consider becoming part of IGQ.

IGQ produces the Supplemental Measurements Library that includes information not published in the current TL 9000 Quality Management System Requirements or Measurements Handbook. The Supplemental Measurements Library may be useful in two contexts: (1) documenting measurements that may one day be included or (2) as an inventory of measurements that individual organizations may use in their own particular circumstances. Click here to access the Supplemental Measurements Library 

IGQ Leadership:

Nancy Patterson, Infinera  – Co-Chair

Sheronda Jeffries, Cisco Systems – Co-Chair

Stephen Choy, Infinera – Secretary