As the Pace of Innovation Accelerates, Technology Standards are at the Forefront of Connected Societies

The technology landscape is constantly evolving as high-tech is developed, old technologies improved, and new policies introduced. As the world races toward a 5G future, technology standards have become more important than ever before. Standards—both new and existing—will be vital to the development and adoption of tomorrow’s technologies.

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TIA Standards drive connectivity forward everyday – get the standards that define ICT infrastructure online here

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TIA Standards drive connectivity forward everyday – get the standards that define ICT infrastructure online here

Global Standards

TIA’s Standards division convenes communities of interest around nine engineering committees and is the administrator for a number of U.S. Technical Advisory Groups. These communities conduct the writing and maintenance of voluntary, industry-driven, consensus-based standards and specifications for the ICT industry. More than 1,000 individuals – representing network equipment manufacturers, service providers, government entities, and…

smart cities
IEC Systems Committee – Smart Cities

Smart Cities enable more sustainable, reliable, efficient and resilient city services such as electric, water, waste, recycling, transportation and education while and fostering greater civic engagement and awareness. The goals of the IEC Systems Committee – Smart Cities Technical Advisory Group include infrastructure resilience, safety and support for citizen’s engagement and participation. There are three…

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IEC TC76 Optical Radiation Safety & Laser

The activity of this technical committee covers preparing international standards for equipment (including systems) incorporating lasers, and light emitting diodes, or intended only for use with lasers, including those factors introduced by the use of lasers which are needed to characterize equipment and/or which are essential to safe use. IEC TC76 Optical Radiation Safety & Laser Equipment

fiber optics
IEC TC86 Fibre Optics

The activity of this technical committee covers terminology, characteristics, related tests, calibration and measurement methods, functional interfaces, optical, environmental and mechanical requirements to ensure reliable system performance. IEC TC86 Fibre Optics IEC SC86A Fibre Cables IEC SC86B Fibre Optic Interconnecting Devices & Passive Components IEC SC86C Fibre Optics Systems & Active Devices

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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC25 Interconnection of IT Equipment

The activity of this technical committee covers standardization of microprocessor systems; and of interfaces, protocols, architectures and associated interconnecting media for information technology equipment and networks, generally for commercial and residential environments, to support embedded and distributed computing environments, storage systems, other input/output components, home and building electronic systems including customer premises smart grid applications for electricity,…

Leading Standards Organizations TIA and UL Sign Agreement to Jointly Advance Global Safety Standards

Arlington, VA (June 11, 2019) – Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global standards development body, and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks today announced a new agreement to advance collaboration on safety standards. This agreement furthers cooperation between two of the largest and most impactful…

Numbering Resources

Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN) An electronic serial number (ESN) is the unique identification number embedded or inscribed on the microchip in a wireless phone by the manufacturer. The ESN cannot easily be altered in the field. The ESN differs from the mobile identification number (MIN), which is the wireless carrier’s identifier for a phone in…

Procedures & Guidelines

TIA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a “standards developing organization (SDO). Standards projects and technical documents initiated by TIA’s engineering committees are formulated according to the guidelines established by the ANSI Essential Requirements and the following documents: TIA Standards Legal Guides TIA Open and Voluntary Standards Policy (PDF) TIA Intellectual Property…