TIA Technology Programs Update Q4 – 2022

Data Center Program

Last quarter, TIA’s Data Center initiative included delivering keynote presentations and participating in multiple panels at various national and international events.. In October, we delivered a keynote presentation on “TIA-942: Global Trends” at the Tendencias Globales en Datacetner & Modelo Hibrido (Global Trends in Data Center and Hybrid Models) conference in Lima, Peru. This was followed participation on a panel about “The Future of the Data Center: A Standards Perspective” at  7X24 Exchange in San Antonio, Texas.

November included three events—a keynote presentation “Le Centre de Données dans une Société Numérique et Écologique” (The Data Center in a Digital and Green Society) at the Montreal IT Showcase, virtual participation on the global panel “Harmonization of Standards: lessons from 5G and Way Ahead” at the TSDSI Tech Deep Dive Conference in India, and participation on the panel “What Can Data Center Design Learn from Other Mission-Critical Builds?” at the DCD Connect Virginia conference in Leesburg, VA.

In December, we published a new paper entitled, “Sustainability at the Far Edge.” Part of a series of white papers on edge data centers, this paper explores how the IT sector can overcome the challenges of powering new infrastructure in disparate locations, while also meeting global and corporate decarbonization goals. Click Here to download this free and informative white paper.

We also have the final 2022 numbers. A total of 220 data centers received TIA-942 certification in 2022, which is an 87% increase over 2021! The list of the TIA-942 certified data centers is available HERE.

To learn more about TIA’s Data Center Program initiatives and access resources, click HERE to visit the website.

For more information on how to get involved, please send an email to datacetnerinfo@tiaonline.org.


Smart Buildings Program

We’re pleased to welcome new participants new participants BR+A Consulting Engineers, Crux Solutions, and Derwiser to the TIA Smart Building Program.

The SPIRE program continues to expand with more verified assessments and new capabilities. In November, UL announced  that FIVE Hotels and Resorts’ FIVE Palm Jumeirah and FIVE Jumeirah Village hotels in Dubai were the first hotels to receive three-star UL Verified SPIRE Smart Buildings™ Ratings. Click Here to read the full article.

In December, UL announced a SPIRE™ Qualification Program that empowers third-party building professionals to broaden their skill set and business by learning to conduct a SPIRE Smart Building Assessment. Through this program, consulting and design firms can earn SPIRE qualified assessor status to help expand the SPIRE program. The Smart Building Working Group also restarted Assessment Criteria document reviews and updates based on feedback from multiple, global UL Verified SPIRE Assessments, including the recent FIVE hotels. The updated AC 2.0 version of the criteria will be released this year.

There were also several educational resources provided, including a Smart Building Connectivity White Paper and Smart Building Connectivity webinar that is now available on demand. In September, Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine also published the article, “TIA’s and UL’s SPIRE Assessment Gets to the Core of Smart Buildings With Connectivity Criteria” by contributing writer Betsy Conroy. Following on the July 2022 publication of the Smart Building Cybersecurity whitepaper, the TIA Smart Building Working Group held a joint Cybersecurity Workshop with UL where industry experts reviewed current industry challenges and discussed the SPIRE approach to cybersecurity. Smart Building participant Comcast also published a blog on their deployment of a private wireless network for the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.

In addition to publications and webinars, the Smart Building Working Group participated in multiple events, including a Smart Building Panel with speakers from Microsoft, COPT, Baker Tilly and Stantec at the 2022 QuEST Forum Trusted Network Summit. In November, Smart Building Program Director Marta Soncodi was a featured speaker at Smart Connect 2022 where she spoke about “Assessing Outcomes of Smart Building Systems Integration Projects with SPIRE.” This was followed by Marta’s participation in CABA’s Virtual Think Tank Webinar on Smart Building Certifications along with a representative from WiredScore/SmartScore.

The Smart Building Working Group was recently restructured to enable more efficient processes for projects and deliverables. To get involved and join newly formed committees, please send an email to smartbuildings@tiaonline.org.

Participation is free for full TIA members! Click HERE to learn more about TIA’s Smart Building Program.


Fiber Optics Technology Consortium (FOTC)

FOTC is pleased to welcome new participants Belden and Light Brigade.

Now available on demand, the webinar, “Beyond Method A, B & C: Managing Polarity & Gender in High-Speed Cabling Systems was presented by Panduit’s Robert Reid and Phil Irwin to educate participants on fiber polarity and how to connect a system, including an update on the polarity changes in TIA-568, managing polarity in 16- and 24- fiber cabling systems, polarity for new very small form-factor connectors and the benefits of gender and polarity changing MPO connectors.

Also available on demand is the webinar “Fiber Trends, Port Breakouts, Transceivers, Connectors & Testing in Data Center,” presented by David Hessong of Corning, Jim Davis of Fluke Networks, and Tiger Ninomiya of Senko that covers the latest trends for applications, cable and connector types and testing and inspection.

Two upcoming events include the January 25th webinar “Best Practices for Testing MPO Connectors in Data Center,” presented by Gwenn Amice and Vincent Racine of EXFO, and “Tales From the Field: Top 10 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,” presented by Sean Kelly of Light Brigade, Brian Teague of Senko, David Tanis of AFL, Kevin Peres of EXFO and Robert Reid of Panduit on February 8 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the upcoming BICSI Winter Conference and Exposition in Tampa, Florida.

Click Here to learn more about FOTC and gain access to educational resources, including fiber standards information, white papers, webinars, podcasts, articles, and more.


Single Pair Ethernet Consortium (SPEC)

SPEC is pleased to welcome new participants VTI Services and Winchester Interconnect.

In December, SPEC held the webinar, “Power Delivery Over Single Pair Ethernet,” presented by Mark Dearing and Todd Harpel of Leviton and Harshang Pandya of AEM. Also available on demand is the webinar, “Single Pair Ethernet Standards Update, Use Cases and Applications,” presented by Chris Diminico of AEM and Bob Voss of Panduit.

Click Here to learn more about SPEC and gain access to additional educational resources.