TIA - Trusted Network Summit Lockup (White)

Recorded Live November 15  | Now Available On Demand


NIST-Locascio (2)
Dr. Laurie Locascio

Director of NIST

Keir Gilder, new CEO at Colt Technology Services
Keri Gilder

CEO of Colt

Deepti Arora

Mobile Networks CQO at Nokia

conference agenda

Advancing Global Quality and Security for ICT - The 2022 QuEST Forum Trusted Network Summit will bring together experts from international industry and policy leaders, including speakers from Microsoft, NIST, BT, Verizon, Fujitsu, Corning, COPT, CommScope, and more to discuss the most vital issues facing our global networks. This half day virtual event will feature keynote addresses and panel discussions on the importance of  improving network quality management and supply chain security for our connected World.

November 15, 2022

  • 9:00 am EST: Welcoming Remarks
    • David Stehlin, Chief Executive Officer, TIA
    • Mike Regan, VP Business Performance, TIA
  • 9:15 am EST: Government Keynote Address
    • Dr. Laurie Locascio, Director, NIST
  • 9:30 am EST: Industry Keynote Address
    • Keri Gilder, CEO, Colt
  • 10:00 am EST: Panel Discussion 
    • Network Security Starts with the Supply Chain
      • Dave Harcourt, Chief Security Authority and Automation Director, BT
      • Brian Hintze, CISO for Americas Region, Fujitsu
      • Chris Poli, Sr. Director of Product Line Management, CommScope
      • Moderator: Clete Johnson, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
  • 11:00 am EST: Industry Keynote Address
    • Deepti Arora, Chief Quality Officer, Nokia
  • 11:15 am EST: Panel Discussion 
    • Surprising Results After 20+ Years of Continuous Quality Improvement
      • Andy Caso, E2E Quality Director, Verizon
      • Jawad Khalid, Expert Engineer Resources and Quality Management, Etisalat by e&
      • Eric Simmons, Sr. Engineer Global Quality Systems, Corning
      • John Wronka, Global Vice President of Quality, DZS
      • Moderator: Brenda Bissell, ANSI National Accreditation Board
  • 12:15 pm EST: Panel Discussion 
    • Smart Buildings ARE Networked Systems
      • Salla Eckhardt, Director of Digital Building Lifecycle and Innovation, Microsoft
      • Jeff Krull, Partner and Cybersecurity Services Leader, Baker Tilly
      • Ken Kurz, CIO & CISO, COPT
      • Moderator: Rick Huijbregts, Global Lead Smart Cities, Stantec
  • 1:00 pm EST Closing Remarks

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