White Paper: Smart Building Connectivity Networks

Information Technology (IT) and the multiple facilities management groups involved with Operational Technology (OT) have long existed in disparate silos, each with its own discrete networks, objectives, requirements, and security protocols. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the pervasive use of Ethernet technology are tearing down these old silos. Building system devices are now integrating on an IP (Internet Protocol) network, blurring the
traditional line between IT and OT networks. This integration enables smart buildings to optimize operations, maintenance, overall investment, security, and occupant experience.

Connectivity is the most essential utility of a smart building and is the foundation to optimize all other aspects of a smart building. The entire ICT industry gains significant business opportunities from an effective smart building assessment program that considers the importance of connectivity as it relates to the entirety of the building.

This paper is based on the Connectivity category’s assessment criteria developed by TIA’s Smart Building Working Group as part of the SPIRE Smart Building Assessment and Rating Program by UL Solutions.