QuEST Forum Updates Q4 – 2022

QuEST Forum is excited to welcome new participant, Exiger.

The TIA QuEST Forum Trusted Networks Summit that took place on November 15th was a tremendous success and gave the industry and government attendees plenty of insight on challenges and opportunities ICT organizations are facing in the areas of quality and security. The opening keynote address was provided by Dr. Laurie Locascio, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which was followed by a presentation from the CEO of a growing service provider based in the UK and expert panel discussion on “Network Security Starts with the Supply Chain.” Deepti Arora, Mobile Networks Chief Quality Officer at Nokia, then delivered a keynote address on ICT Quality. This was followed by a panel discussion on “Surprising Results After 20+ Years of Continuous Quality Improvement.” The final session of the day “Smart Buildings ARE Networked Systems” brought perspectives from experts from around the smart building industry. Click Here to read more about the event.

SCS 9001 Supply Chain Security Standard Update

After reporting in Q3 2022 that the SCS 9001 Workgroup had started work on Release 2.0, we’re pleased to announce that SCS 9001 Release 2.0 is now in draft form and is undergoing a preliminary focused review by a limited number of organizations prior to a full release. Based on feedback and comments received throughout 2022, evolving and new threats, and the trends of global government intercession, Release 2.0 has some significant changes and enhancements that include the following:

  • General improvements throughout the document
  • Increased coverage of hardware provenance requirements
  • Increased coverage of hardware development requirements
  • Increased coverage of cloud-based services
  • Increased coverage of procurement, shipping, and logistics requirements
  • Enhancements in support of government initiatives such as:
    • EO14028 & OMB Memo M-22-18 (secure software development)
    • Baseline requirements as set by the U.S. NTIA’s BEAD NoFO
    • K. Telecommunications Security Act 2021
  • Updated mapping to the newly issued controls of CSA CCM 4.0
  • Updated mapping to the newly issued controls of ISO 27002
  • Decoupling from the ISO 9001 standard while maintaining process basis
    • In response to feedback to providing adoption flexibility
    • Maintains the ISO Annex SL format for ease of integration with other ISO standards
  • Reorganized and reformatted to better support mapping exercises to other standards and publications

More information on SCS 9001 Release 2.0  will be coming soon! 2023 will be an exciting year for this standard and a range of supply chain security activities, including speaking at various industry trade events, collaborating with key collaborators such as MITRE and NIST, and a special announcement of new methods by which SCS 9001 will be made available for adoption. Click Here to learn more about supply chain security initiatives.

New Software Development Best Practices

TIA QuEST Forum has created a new Software Development Best Practices Resource that is now available. This includes two documents—Software Excellence Touchstone and Software Design Document – Audit Version.

The Software Excellence Touchstone document is an exclusive guideline for software organizations that provides a set of guidelines to address the different phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. It provides a jump-start for identifying common practices that deliver excellent software to customers and intended end-users and features a series of practices to choose from, with the intent to deliver software with business value.

These documents can be located by logging into the TIA QuEST Forum Portal. Select Members Areas, File Manager, and Software Development Best Practices and Requirements. If you need assistance with your login information, please contact Leigh Ann Perkins at

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