BPC Webinar: TL 9000 How to Use Measurements & Testimonials

The May 21 webinar provides insights into how TL 9000 measurements can be used by organizations to benchmark their performance against competition and how to manage their supply chains. It will also present testimonials from several organizations who have successfully implemented TL 9000 and how they have benefited from it.

BPC Webinar: TL 9000 Measurements

The May 14 webinar provides an overview of TL 9000 measurements, definition, computation, and product categories. It will also provide a high-level view of the TL 9000 Measurements Repository System.

BPC Webinar: TL 9000 Overview & Certification

Compliance to TL 9000 helps organizations improve their own product and service quality by reducing defects, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. Promoting TL 9000 compliance through the supply chain assures quality products from suppliers.

BPC Webinar: TL 9000 Requirements

The May 7 webinar will provide an overview of the TL 9000 requirements framework, its basic concepts, and what TL provides over the ISO 9001 quality standard while expounding specifically upon supply chain related requirements.

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BPCC and Working Group Meetings

This is an in-person meeting of the Business Performance Community leadership followed by Working Group Meetings.

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BPCLC and Working Group Meetings

This is an in-person meeting of the Business Performance Community (BPC) leadership followed by Working Group meetings.

Business Performance Optimization Symposium: Dallas

This Business Performance Optimization Symposium in Dallas will cover Quality Assurance Best Practices for the Supply Chain.

Business Performance Optimization Symposium: London

OS: London – Sustainability and Technology Best Practices for the Supply Chain

How to Use TL 9000 To Improve Your Supply Chain: Recapping TIA’s Business Performance Community Webinar Series

Supply chain mangers are learning that the requirements from TL 9000’s standard can improve product quality and assure a better customer experience.  TIA’s Business Performance Community just finished a four-part webinar series in partnership with experts from Fujitsu, National Quality Assurance, Cisco Systems, and AT&T, that covered how companies can use the TL 9000 Quality Management System to decrease risk in their supply chains and featured testimonials from organizations who have successfully used TL 9000 to improve their supply chains.

Business Performance Community Leadership Council (BPCLC)
Leadership Council

The BPCLC is composed of the Chairs and Secretaries of all TIA’s Business Performance Community (BPC) Working Groups, global regions and hubs. The BPCLC provides leadership and guidance in support of the BPC Charter.

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Partner Event: Conference on Smart Cities: 5G Network Technologies, Its Applications and Standards

U.S.-India Standards and Conformance Cooperation Program (SCCP), Phase II.

TIA Launches “Enhance and Improve Your Supply Chain with TL 9000” Webinar Series

Arlington, VA (April 24, 2019) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, announced a new webinar series for supply…