How to Use TL 9000 To Improve Your Supply Chain: Recapping TIA’s Business Performance Community Webinar Series

TIA’s Business Performance Community brings quality and business management systems, measurement systems and improvement platforms for sustainability, customer experience and benchmarking to our members and across the ICT community. One of those tools, the TL 9000 Quality Management System, is particularly important for companies looking to manage quality throughout their supply chains.

The TL 9000 global ICT sector specific standard has been adopted in nearly 1,600 locations across the world since 2000. As the industry’s quality management system, implementing and certifying to TL 9000 helps organizations improve their own product / service quality, time to market, process efficiency, and it reduces their costs. Promoting TL 9000 compliance throughout a company’s supply chain helps assure quality inputs from suppliers, reduces the organization’s market risk while improving predictability, and reduces their supplier management costs.

Supply chain mangers are learning that the requirements from TL 9000’s standard can improve product quality and assure a better customer experience. TIA’s Business Performance Community just finished a four-part webinar series in partnership with experts from Fujitsu, National Quality Assurance, Cisco Systems, and AT&T, that covered how companies can use the TL 9000 Quality Management System to decrease risk in their supply chains and featured testimonials from organizations who have successfully used TL 9000 to improve their supply chains.

The introductory webinar, TL 9000 Overview & Certification, provided an overview of TIA’s Business Performance Community and its products, as well as how to get certified to the TL9000 standard.

The second webinar, hosted by Sheronda Jeffries of Cisco Systems, TL 9000 Requirements, provided an overview of the TL 9000 requirements framework and the basic concepts of the standard. Organizations whose suppliers are TL9000 certified have access to industry standard performance measurements and quality planning functions like product/service roadmaps and internal reviews. These are extremely useful in effective supply chain management.

The third webinar in the series, TL 9000 Measurements, covered the TL 9000 Measurements Repository System. The system includes measurements, definitions, and product categories, which provide accountability, consistency, and methods for benchmarking the supply chain.

The fourth webinar, How to Use Measurements and Testimonials, provided insights into how TL 9000 measurements can be used by organizations to benchmark their performance against the competition and to manage their supply chains. It also presented testimonials from several organizations who have successfully implemented and benefited from TL 9000.

All four webinars were recorded and can be found online in TIA’s Business Performance Academy.

For more information about TL 9000 or to learn how to get involved in the Business Performance Community, visit or contact Rebecca McVeigh at

About Ken Koffman

Ken Koffman is the Senior VP of Standards and Technology at the Telecommunications Industry Association.