TR-41 Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products

Smiling Deaf woman using smartphone

The products, technologies and technical areas within the scope of current and/or future standards developed and maintained by TR-41 include:

Performance requirements for:

  • Voice, video and other features associated with communications services.
  • Environmental impacts.
  • User-related features that interface to networks and other equipment.
  • Accessibility and usability.

Covering products that connect to a communications network including:

  • Telephones with handsets, headsets and speakerphones.
  • Communications gateways, conference systems and other products that are typically installed at the user’s premises.
  • Wearable devices (e.g., watches, lapel microphones).
  • Using digital and analog wireline or “local radio” media (e.g., Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth®).
  • Directly or through another device (e.g., a USB headset connected through a computer).
  • For features that use wireless “air interfaces” (e.g., LTE, GSM, WCDMA).