TR-41.9 Technical and Administrative Regulatory Considerations


Committee Description

This sub-committee is a standards formulating group that initiates proposals and monitors regulations and related matters for wireline telecommunications terminal equipment in North America.

The primary work of this subcommittee includes:

  • development, maintenance and interpretation of technical requirements to prevent network harm (e.g. 47CFR Part 68, TIA-968)
  • development and maintenance of related administrative requirements, guidelines and procedures
  • development and maintenance of test methods and guidelines
  • submission of technical and administrative documents to the ACTA for adoption
  • advising and responding to others (e.g. FCC, ACTA, Industry Canada, committees or individuals) on regulatory issues in the telecommunications terminal equipment environment
  • efforts to foster harmonization with CS-03, other North American regulatory requirements and industry standards

The group will also consider such other regulatory matters it deems appropriate.

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