TR-41.3 Performance and Accessibility for Communication Devices


Donald McKinnon
AST Technology Labs, Inc.
K. Allen Woo
Vice Chair

Committee Description

TIA Subcommittee TR-41.3 develops and maintains voluntary standards for communications devices including requirements and testing methods for evaluating the performance of a device’s audio and electro-acoustics, network interfaces, features, accessibility and environmental robustness. Devices covered by these standards may include traditional communication devices with corded or radio-linked handsets, headsets, and hands-free (speakerphone) interfaces. In addition devices such as wearables, appliances, and multi-media, systems may be covered by these standards. Electro-acoustics requirements may include any audio frequency band from (e.g., Narrowband (300 to 3,400 Hz) to Fullband (20 to 20,000 Hz)) TR-41.3 will maintain liaison and may participate in joint standards development activities with other standards organizations in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

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November 6, 2013 Presentation by Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA); Developing Standards for Accessibility by James R Bress (AST Technology Labs Inc), Steven Whitesell (Whitesell Consulting) and Tony Jasionowski (Panasonic). It was presented during the TR-41.3.14 Accessibility Working Group meeting at TIA HQ in Arlington VA to representatives from Federall Communications Commission – Disability Rights Office and Gallaudet University – Technology Access Program