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As the Pace of Innovation Accelerates, Technology Standards are at the Forefront of Connected Societies

The technology landscape is constantly evolving as high-tech is developed, old technologies improved, and new policies introduced. As the world races toward a 5G future, technology standards have become more important than ever before. Standards—both new and existing—will be vital to the development and adoption of tomorrow’s technologies.


The Oversight Working Group is designed to ensure the integrity of the TL 9000 certification program and support promotion of all BPC products and activities.

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Performance Data Reports (PDRs)

The Business Performance Community’s Benchmarking Initiative provides it members companies benchmarking for comparing their company’s performance with others.

Products & Services

TIA delivers solutions that drive market leadership across the ICT industry.

quality assurance
Quality Assurance

Device and network assurance are critical to secure, scalable and reliable connectivity, which enables all internet traffic and applications.

TIA Launches “Enhance and Improve Your Supply Chain with TL 9000” Webinar Series

Arlington, VA (April 24, 2019) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, announced a new webinar series for supply chain managers and professionals focused on how the TL 9000 standard can improve predictability and lower an organization’s risk in their supply chain. Initially developed…

TL 9000 How to Use Measurements & Testimonials

This webinar provided insights into how TL 9000 measurements can be used by organizations to benchmark their performance against competition and how to manage their supply chains.

TL 9000 Measurements

This webinar provided an overview of TL 9000 measurements, definition, computation, and product categories. It also provided a high-level view of the TL 9000 Measurements Repository System.

TL 9000 Overview & Certification

This webinar provided an overview of TIA’s Business Performance Community and its products with an emphasis on the TL 9000 Quality Management System.

TL 9000 Requirements

This webinar provided an overview of the TL 9000 requirements framework, its basic concepts, and what TL provides over the ISO 9001 quality standard while expounding specifically upon supply chain related requirements. Original Date: May 7, 2019 Webinar Recording

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TIA’s Business Performance Oversight Working Group is designed to ensure the integrity of the TL 9000 certification program and support promotion of all Business Performance Community products and activities.