R-42.9 Industrial Telecommunications Infrastructure (1005)

The TR-42.9 Subcommittee develops and maintains standards for industrial facilities that can contain severe environmental conditions (e.g., extreme temperature, dust, wetness, vibration, EMI/RFI, corrosive chemicals and hazardous gases). This Subcommittee specifies cabling system, topologies, architecture, design, installation, testing and performance requirements.

TR-14 SC Steering Committee Task Group

The scope of the Steering Committee TG is to coordinate and direct the full committee, ad-hoc groups and stakeholders to create, edit, update and interpret the Standards and technical documents issued under TR-14 for consistency with national standards, industry standards, regulations and building codes to properly serve the structural engineering needs of the Industry.

TR-41.3 Performance and Accessibility for Communication Devices

TIA Subcommittee TR-41.3 develops and maintains voluntary standards for communications devices including requirements and testing methods for evaluating the performance of a device’s audio and electro-acoustics, network interfaces, features, accessibility and environmental robustness.

TR-41.9 Technical and Administrative Regulatory Considerations

This sub-committee is a standards formulating group that initiates proposals and monitors regulations and related matters for wireline telecommunications terminal equipment in North America.

TR-42.1 Premises Telecommunications Infrastructure

The TR-42.1 Subcommittee develops and maintains cabling standards for generic customer-owned telecommunications networks.

TR-42.11 Optical Fiber Systems (568)

The TR-42.11 Subcommittee on Fiber Optic Systems develops and maintains standards, specifications and related documents for the performance, design, characterization, and description of optical fiber subsystems, systems and networks across all applications.

TR-42.12 Optical Fibers and Cables

The TR-42.12 Subcommittee on Optical Fibers and Cables develops and maintains standards and specifications for optical fibers of all types, cables which utilize optical fibers, test procedures and methods for fibers and cables, and terminology related for fibers and cables.

TR-42.13 Passive Optical Devices and Fiber Optic Metrology



TR-42.3 Telecommunications Administration, Pathways, Spaces, Bonding and Grounding (569)

The TR-42.3 Subcommittee develops and maintains standards for telecommunications administration, pathways, spaces, bonding and grounding.

TR-42.5 Telecommunications Infrastructure Terms and Symbols

The TR-42.5 Subcommittee develops and maintains the master glossary of terms and symbols including acronyms, abbreviations, units of measurement, and uses of templates for all standards developed in TR-42. It is a central point for resolving differences among committees in the meaning or usage of telecommunications terms.

TR-42.7 Telecommunications Copper Cabling Systems (568)

The TR-42.7 Subcommittee develops and maintains telecommunications copper cabling components and system requirements for premises networks. This includes performance specifications, qualification procedures, and test methods for connecting hardware (including modular patch cords) and cable. Related Material TIA working on Category 8 standard

TR-45.3 Time Division Digital Technology – Mobile and Personal Communications Standards

Sub Committee TR-45.3 is assigned the authority to develop performance, compatibility, and interoperability standards for equipment that makes use of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology for radio access in a system that supports any combination of international, public, non-public, or residential mobile and personal communications.