R-42.9 Industrial Telecommunications Infrastructure (1005)

The TR-42.9 Subcommittee develops and maintains standards for industrial facilities that can contain severe environmental conditions (e.g., extreme temperature, dust, wetness, vibration, EMI/RFI, corrosive chemicals and hazardous gases). This Subcommittee…

TR-14 SC Steering Committee Task Group

The scope of the Steering Committee TG is to coordinate and direct the full committee, ad-hoc groups and stakeholders to create, edit, update and interpret the Standards and technical documents…

TR-41.3 Performance and Accessibility for Communication Devices

TIA Subcommittee TR-41.3 develops and maintains voluntary standards for communications devices including requirements and testing methods for evaluating the performance of a device’s audio and electro-acoustics, network interfaces, features, accessibility and environmental robustness.

TR-41.9 Technical and Administrative Regulatory Considerations

This sub-committee is a standards formulating group that initiates proposals and monitors regulations and related matters for wireline telecommunications terminal equipment in North America.

TR-42.1 Premises Telecommunications Infrastructure

The TR-42.1 Subcommittee develops and maintains cabling standards for generic customer-owned telecommunications networks.

TR-42.11 Optical Fiber Systems (568)

The TR-42.11 Subcommittee on Fiber Optic Systems develops and maintains standards, specifications and related documents for the performance, design, characterization, and description of optical fiber subsystems, systems and networks across…

TR-42.12 Optical Fibers and Cables

The TR-42.12 Subcommittee on Optical Fibers and Cables develops and maintains standards and specifications for optical fibers of all types, cables which utilize optical fibers, test procedures and methods for…

TR-42.13 Passive Optical Devices and Fiber Optic Metrology



TR-42.3 Telecommunications Administration, Pathways, Spaces, Bonding and Grounding (569)

The TR-42.3 Subcommittee develops and maintains standards for telecommunications administration, pathways, spaces, bonding and grounding.

TR-42.5 Telecommunications Infrastructure Terms and Symbols

The TR-42.5 Subcommittee develops and maintains the master glossary of terms and symbols including acronyms, abbreviations, units of measurement, and uses of templates for all standards developed in TR-42. It…

TR-42.7 Telecommunications Copper Cabling Systems (568)

The TR-42.7 Subcommittee develops and maintains telecommunications copper cabling components and system requirements for premises networks. This includes performance specifications, qualification procedures, and test methods for connecting hardware (including modular…

TR-45.3 Time Division Digital Technology – Mobile and Personal Communications Standards

Sub Committee TR-45.3 is assigned the authority to develop performance, compatibility, and interoperability standards for equipment that makes use of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology for radio access in a system that supports any combination of international, public, non-public, or residential mobile and personal communications.