TIA Issues Call for Interest on ANSI Reaffirmation of Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance (LAES) – Addendum 3 –Support for BSID or Subnet

Stakeholders Invited to Contact TIA Regarding Participation

Arlington, VA (January 14, 2019) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR-45 Engineering Committee on Mobile and Point-to-Point Communications Standards has issued a call for interest for ANSI reaffirmation of the joint project developed together with Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, J-STD-025-B-3, titled Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance (LAES) – Addendum 3 –Support for BSID or Subnet that was originally published on March 18, 2013.

TR-45 has approved the joint process for reaffirmation of this project. The addendum consists of additions and modifications to ANSI/J-STD-025-B for supporting BSID or Subnet information in the Location Information parameter type of the cdma2000® Abstract Syntax for PacketData CII Delivery.

The Base Station Identifier (BSID) or Subnet is helpful to uniquely identify a cell when a telecommunication service provider’s network sends the more useful location information to a law enforcement agency.

TIA is actively seeking participation in these projects from the user and general interest communities.

Stakeholders may include but are not limited to manufacturers and users of Mobile Equipment IDentifier.

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