TIA Issues Call for Interest to Participate in TR-41 Standard Committee

Engineering Committee to update TIA-5050 Standard for Communications Products Volume Control Requirements for Wireless (Mobile) Devices

Arlington, VA (January 9, 2023) – The Telecommunications Industry Association—the trusted industry association for the connected world—is updating its standards for “Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products” within TIA’s TR-41 standards engineering committee.  The new work will be focused on updating standards that enable mobile phones to be compatible with hearing aid devices.  TR-41 will meet on January 24th at 1:00 PM EST to begin the update process.

A mobile handset must meet the volume control requirements as specified in section 5 of TIA-5050 for each audio codec on at least one air interface and one tone control setting.  TR-41 will begin the process of updating the standard to better meet the needs of mobile handset and hearing aid users. Organizations that may want to be involved in developing the updated standard include mobile handset manufacturers, mobile telephone service providers, manufacturers of personal sound amplifiers, standards development organizations involved in audio device standards, and associations that represent audio device manufacturers, telecommunications service providers, and hearing aid users.

Tom McGarry, TIA’s vice president of standards said, “TIA and our members are looking forward to updating these important standards that will ensure manufacturers and mobile phone providers can deliver products that provide a high-quality experience for hearing aid users around the world.”

Industry stakeholders interested in taking part in this effort and participating on the TR-41 committee are invited to visit TIA’s website to learn more about TR-41, or contact TIA’s membership team at membership@tiaonline.org with any questions.


Dan Brown, dbrown@tiaonline.org

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