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Digital transformation. New business models. The change imperative is disrupting conventional thinking and empowering innovation. This creates an unprecedented number of options for businesses such as introducing new products, improvement to the customer experience and optimizing their supply chain.

TIA’s Business Performance communities address these challenges. In the face of increasing global competition, companies today confront the need to improve the operating efficiencies that deliver shareholder value. Doing this requires agile and scalable networks that serve as platforms to deliver innovative services, improve the customer experience, and deliver the highest levels of quality.

TIA’s BPC is a global division of member companies that develops and implements quality and performance practices to improve execution cross the information and communication technology (ICT). The BPC advances and promotes TIA’s strategic objectives, services and products and creates standards and tools to drive business excellence. This includes, but is not limited to, quality and business management systems, measurement systems and improvement platforms for sustainability, customer experience and benchmarking.

To improve the quality, reliability and performance of the ICT industry, the BPC:

  • Drives the worldwide adoption of TL 9000;
  • Provides opportunities to share and discuss business-impacting best practices;
  • Provides relevant industry performance benchmarking data;
  • Provides new products and services to meet customers’ needs globally; and
  • Engages in strategic initiatives.

The BPC manages a knowledge library database for its past presentations and papers from conferences, workshops or training classes. Visitors must first login to the member portal to gain access.

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Working Groups

Through its Working Groups, TIA’s Business Performance Community (BPC) is driving greater confidence in the ICT industry’s global supply chains and working to improve operating efficiencies that deliver shareholder value. TIA’s BPC members in good-standing can participate in the following:

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​Through its initiatives, TIA’s Business Performance Community (BPC) develops innovative solutions, comprehensive tools and resources to positively impact business results and customer experience.

Performance Tools

  Sustainability Assessor Tool An online sustainability assessment tool designed to enable companies the ability to rapidly self-assess and benchmark their sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs against industry best practices. Learn More TL 9000 Quality Management System TL 9000  defines the unique communications quality system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, and service. Learn…

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TIA’s Business Performance Community has created a flexible structure of regions and hubs to ably reach, share, discuss and support the collective, yet unique needs of its global stakeholders. These global regions address the geographical quality needs, locally support geo-specific issues, and provide valuable inputs to the BPC Working Groups.

Strategic Relationships

The Business Performance Community fosters strategic relationships to encourage cooperation in order to better serve both the members of the BPC and the members of the strategic relationship organizations.


Members of the BPC include the following organizations and partners from across the globe.