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Guy Montgomery
EchoStar Corporation

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Teesha Jenkins


Committee Description

Engineering Committee TR-34 is responsible for standards and studies related to satellite communications systems, including both the space and earth segments. The committee focuses on standards for space-borne and terrestrial hardware; interfaces on standards for satellite and terrestrial systems; and the efficient use of spectrum and orbital resources, including sharing between satellite and terrestrial services. Active projects range from studies on how best to accomplish inter-service spectrum sharing to developing standards for achieving interoperability between satellite systems as well as among satellite and terrestrial systems, networks and services.

Top-Selling Standards

TIA-1040 Series
Regenerative Satellite Mesh Air Interface

TIA-1073 Series
Satellite Network Modem Systems

IP Over Satellite (IPOS)

QoS Signaling for IP QoS Support and Sender Authentication (IPv4 and IPv6)

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