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Driving in-building IoT with Private Networks and Edge Data Centers

Private networks offer control, security, and use-case specificity. Edge data centers add robust processing at the edge of the network. So, how will these two engines help to create the IoT applications of the future? John Sheehan, Distinguished Engineer in the Azure business at Microsoft, Vernon Turner, Executive Analyst at Ecosystm, Brenda Boehm, Interim Chief…

Come Together: IoT, Edge, Private Networks, Small Cell, and DAS are Making Buildings Smart

IoT, edge, private networks, small cell, and DAS come together to make buildings smart. TIA’s Senior VP of Technology discusses how building owners can use private IoT networks to provide the integrated platform required to facilitate the development of new applications that will enhance the user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) and to build the Smart…

The IoT-Ness of Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things is advancing a new breed of smart buildings that are better aligned with the priorities of property owners and managers. IoT enables systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving operations and providing the best experiences for tenants. But how do we move forward with large-scale IoT deployments in…

Video: The Future of Connected Vehicles

Innovation is connecting us to the outside world while we’re behind the wheel. What’s in store for our connected vehicle future? Jeni Panhorst, Sr. Director of Strategy & Programs, Network Platforms Group at Intel, and Steve Schwinke, Director of Advanced Development and Concepts at General Motors join TIA NOW to discuss the future of connected…

Tower Tech

What’s behind the technology that allows tower technicians to work safely and efficiently online or offline? It’s an app developed by TIA’s newest member, Mobile Reach. Kelly Brande is its Industry and Account Manager of Telecom, and he joins TIA NOW to discuss Mobile Reach’s role in the telecom ecosystem.

Special Report: 5G in Real Life

What will define 5G is coming into focus. The need for an effective standards process, that will represent the varied stakeholders, is critical. TIA NOW discusses this process and shows a working demo of 3 future capabilities of 5G.

Video: Women and Diversity in Telecom

Why are there so few women in the Telecom industry? How will diversity play a role in meeting the needs of a growing ICT workforce? TIA NOW was joined by TIA Board members Betty Manetta (President and CEO of Argent Associates), Kanchana Raman (President and CEO of Avion Networks) and Jennifer Sims (CEO of Power…

The Cutting Edge of Next-Gen Data Centers

In order to build out the next generation infrastructure, data processing power will have to take place at the edge of a network. TIA NOW welcomes Don Byrne, Managing Partner at Metrix411, Jim Young, Global Enterprise DC Lead at CommScope, and Harry Smeenk, TIA’s Vice President of Program Development to announce TIA’s new Edge Data…

TIA Policy Forum: Harnessing the Benefits of 5G, IoT and Next-Generation Networks for Public Safety

Emerging wireless and IoT technologies are providing more innovative solutions for public safety every day. To ensure reliable and consistent connectivity for these new solutions, robust public safety communications networks utilizing an updated wireless infrastructure ready for 5G is essential. Watch Verizon and the Telecommunication Industry Association conduct a panel with leading experts discussing how…

Reaction to FCC’s Wireless Infrastructure Order

The FCC took action at its September Open Meeting to move forward with its Wireless Infrastructure Order aimed at streamline 5G deployment across the U.S. John Godfrey of Samsung, Jeff Marks of Nokia, and Dileep Srihari of TIA discuss the details of the FCC’s Order, what it means for wireless infrastructure build-out across the U.S.…

The Evolution of Blockchain
The Evolution of Blockchain

For the first time in history, we have at our disposal a truly native digital medium for validating information and value exchange. It is blockchain. But what are the implications of blockchain moving forward? Shane Tews, President of Logan Circle Strategies, and a Visiting Fellow at The American Enterprise Institute joins TIA NOW  with insights.

Our Tech Future: User Friendly and Digitally Safe?
Our Tech Future: User Friendly and Digitally Safe?

As the telecom industry creates life-saving, productivity enhancing new technologies, what are the physiological and psychological implications of a digital future on users? David Bain, CEO and Founder of the Technology Safety Council, and member of TIA’S TR-34 Satellite Engineering Standards Committee joins TIA NOW with his insights.