BTOP_BIP Funds as Offsets (PDF, 36KB)
Closing the Homework Gap: How to Turn the E-Rate Program into a Game-Changer

As we approach the 1-year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic reaching a global proportion, it’s important to note that while many of us in the United States were largely able…

Exclusive Interview: FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell

FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell sat down with TIA President Grant Seiffert to discuss his role, his goals and promoting innovation.

How Does M2M Apply to my Business?

The M2M ecosystem is growing as industry stakeholders recognize the need to broaden their market segments to encourage new revenue streams. The telecommunications industry is on the cusp of exploring…

Joint Letter to Congressional Leaders on House and Senate Judiciary Committees Urging That a Measure Mandating FM Chips in Handsets Be Dismissed (PDF, 145 KB)
Letter to House Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation on Federal Jurisdiction of IP Services(PDF, 32 KB)
Telecommunications Industry Association Applauds Congress for Critical Investments in Broadband and Network Security

Arlington, VA (December 21, 2020) – The Telecommunications Industry Association—the trusted industry association for the connected world—today congratulated Congress on passing a $900 Billion fiscal stimulus package that includes $7 Billion for…

TIA Calls for R&D Credit Extension (PDF, 397KB)
TIA Endorses FCC Collaboration (PDF, 46KB)
TIA Endorses HR 1009 Federal Communications Commission Collaboration Act (PDF, 56 KB)
TIA Endorses Immigration Innovation Act of 2013 (PDF, 34KB)
TIA Endorses STAPLE Act HR399 (PDF, 55)