Join Us for TR-42 Engineering Committee’s 2021 Orientation Session

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Monday, June 7, 2021
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET
Link to register is provided at the bottom of this article.

TIA’s largest active standards engineering committee, TR-42, will be hosting its annual Orientation Session on June 7th from 1pm to 3pm EST. This is a critical session for new participants and anyone looking to get involved in cabling standards development. Attendees will hear from different speakers, including TIA CEO Dave Stehlin and TR-42 Chair, Greg Sandels, and can engage with TIA committee chair and staff in a dedicated time at the end to answer any questions.

Agenda for TR-42 Orientation Session

  1. Introduction and Welcoming Remarks – TR-42 Chair, Greg Sandels (5 mins)
  2. TIA Overview – TIA CEO, Dave Stehlin (PowerPoint presentation, 10-15 mins)
  3. TIA Membership Overview – TIA VP of Sales & Marketing, Patrick Sweeney (PowerPoint presentation, 10-15 mins)
  4. TR-42 Engineering Committee Overview – TR-42 Chair, Greg Sandels (PowerPoint presentation, 30 mins)
  5. Q&A Session (30 mins)

If you have any questions about TR-42 or the Orientation Session, please email Cheryl Thibideau at

For anyone who is not familiar with TIA’s TR-42 Standards Committee, here is a quick overview. TR-42 has 8 Sub-committees and is responsible for managing multiple different standards, including the TIA-942 Data Center Standard which is used to certify data center infrastructure globally.

Here is a look at the TR-42 subcommittees and what they do.

TR-42 – Telecommunications Cabling Systems

Mission & Scope

  • Engineering Committee TR-42 develops and maintains voluntary telecommunications standards for telecommunications cabling infrastructure in user-owned buildings, such as commercial buildings, residential buildings, homes, data centers and industrial buildings. The generic cabling topologies, design, distances, and outlet configurations as well as specifics for these locations are addressed. The committee’s standards work covers requirements for copper and optical fiber cabling components (such as cables, connectors, and cable assemblies), installation, and field testing in addition to the administration, pathways, and spaces to support the cabling.

TR-42.1 – Premises Telecommunications Infrastructure

Mission & Scope

  • The TR-42.1 Subcommittee develops and maintains cabling standards for generic customer-owned telecommunications networks. These standards are intended to specify open systems designed to support a wide variety of voice, data, video, and other low voltage, power-limited applications. Also, this Subcommittee develops and maintains telecommunications cabling standards for premises networks such as commercial buildings, data centers, building automation, etc. This Subcommittee specifies cabling system topology, architecture, design, installation, testing and performance requirements.

TR-42.3 – Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces

Mission & Scope

  • The TR-42.3 Subcommittee develops and maintains standards for telecommunications administration, pathways, spaces, bonding, and grounding.

TR-42.5 – Telecommunications Terms and Symbols

Mission & Scope

  • The TR-42.5 Subcommittee develops and maintains the master glossary of terms and symbols including acronyms, abbreviations, units of measurement, and uses of templates for all standards developed in TR-42. It is a central point for resolving differences among committees in meaning or usage of telecommunications terms.

TR-42.7 – Copper Cabling Systems

Mission & Scope

  • The TR-42.7 Subcommittee develops and maintains telecommunications copper cabling component and system requirements for premises networks. This includes performance specifications, qualification procedures, and test methods for connecting hardware (including modular patch cords) and cable.

TR-42.9 – Industrial Telecommunications Infrastructure

Mission & Scope

  • The TR-42.9 Subcommittee develops and maintains standards for industrial facilities that can contain severe environmental conditions (e.g., extreme temperature, dust, wetness, vibration, EMI/RFI, corrosive chemicals and hazardous gases). This Subcommittee specifies cabling system, topologies, architecture, design, installation, testing and performance requirements.

TR-42.11 – Optical Systems

Mission & Scope

  • The TR-42.11 Subcommittee on Fiber Optic Systems develops and maintains standards, specifications and related documents for the performance, design, characterization, and description of optical fiber subsystems, systems, and networks across all applications.

TR-42.12 – Optical Fibers and Cables

Mission & Scope

  • The TR-42.12 Subcommittee on Optical Fibers and Cables develops and maintains standards and specifications for optical fibers of all types, cables which utilize optical fibers, test procedures and methods for fibers and cables, and terminology related for fibers and cables.

TR-42.13 – Passive Optical Devices and Fiber Optic Metrology

Mission & Scope

  • The TR-42.13 Subcommittee develops and maintains performance, test and measurement standards for passive optical devices and metrology of fiber optic test, measurement, calibration and inspection instrumentation.

The various subcommittees of TR-42 are actively working on a number of different projects. Here are two important projects currently underway and being worked on by the committee.

  1. ANSI/TIA-942-B-1 (TR-42.1) – Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers – Addendum 1 Edge Data Centers. There will be an Industry (ANSI) ballot after the June 2021 meeting. Estimated publication date for this standard is Q4 2021. The TIA Data Center working group is looking forward to the publication of the Edge Data Center Addendum to TIA-942 to initiate a marketing campaign to have Edge Data Centers certified. The working group is also looking forward to the next revision of the TIA-942 standard as the technology requirements for data centers are evolving and they have to adapt TIA’s data center certification program to the changes
  2. ANSI/TIA-568.6 9 (TR-42.7) – Single Pair Multi-drop (SPMD) cabling and components specifications. This is a brand-new project and there are currently no documents available yet. Estimated publication date for this standard is Q2 2024

Anyone interested in learning more about participating in TIA standards development can reach out to for more information.

The session is free and open to the public. To register for the TR-42 orientation, click here: