cable sockets
IEC TC46 Cables, Wires, Waveguides, & RF Connectors

The activity of this technical committee concerns establishing and maintaining standards for the terminology, design, characteristics, related test methods and requirements for quality assessment of metallic conductors, wires, waveguide, RF connectors, RF and microwave passive components and accessories for analogue and digital transmission systems and equipment for communication networks and cabling. IEC TC46 Cables, Wires, Waveguides, R.F. Connectors,…

Dental examination
IEC TC76 Optical Radiation Safety & Laser

The activity of this technical committee covers preparing international standards for equipment (including systems) incorporating lasers, and light emitting diodes, or intended only for use with lasers, including those factors introduced by the use of lasers which are needed to characterize equipment and/or which are essential to safe use. IEC TC76 Optical Radiation Safety & Laser Equipment

inside of computer
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC25 Interconnection of IT Equipment

The activity of this technical committee covers standardization of microprocessor systems; and of interfaces, protocols, architectures and associated interconnecting media for information technology equipment and networks, generally for commercial and residential environments, to support embedded and distributed computing environments, storage systems, other input/output components, home and building electronic systems including customer premises smart grid applications for electricity,…