March 2006, Version A

IP Telephone Equipment Standards

Standard Details

Revision: A

Published date: March 2006

Committee: TR-41 | Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products

Standard Abstract

This Standard specifies the minimum requirements for media and protocol-specific call control interoperability, acoustic performance, telephony feature support, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and environmental performance of VoIP Feature Telephones operating in a business environment.

Although this Standard specifically addresses physical IP phones, it does not preclude the implementation of applicable functionality in a soft client. However, such implementations are not specifically addressed in this Standard.

This Standard applies specifically to VoIP Feature Telephones that are connected to an IEEE Std. 802.3 network utilizing Internet Protocol (IP).

This Standard harmonizes, wherever possible, with Megaco protocol as applicable to control of IP telephones.

This Standard supports the use of ITU-T Recommendation H.323 procedures for call establishment and call control.

This Standard supports the use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for call establishment and call control.

This Standard does not place requirements on system level components such as call agents, proxy servers, gateways or gatekeepers.

This Standard specifies security requirements pertaining to the provisioning of a VoIP Feature Telephone, but leaves the provisioning implementation itself up to the discretion of the manufacturer.