October 2015, Version B

Telecommunications Communications Products Handset Magnetic Measurement Procedures and Performance Requirements

Standard Details

Revision: B

Published date: October 2015

Committee: TR-41 | Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products

Standard Abstract

This standard defines measurement procedures and performance requirements for the handset generated audio band magnetic noise of wireline telephones. A telephone complies with this standard if it meets the requirements in this standard when manufactured and can be expected to continue to meet these requirements when properly used and maintained.

This standard addresses magnetic interference issues not covered by Part 68 of the FCC Rules and Regulations.

This standard can be used to evaluate devices with analog interfaces and digital interfaces that provide narrowband and wideband transmission. Examples include, but are not limited to: corded and cordless telephones, ISDN telephones, digital proprietary telephones, VoIP telephones, softphones running on personal computers, IEEE 802.11 communication devices, USB communication devices, DECT telephones, Bluetooth® telephony communications devices, and HD (High Definition) voice communications devices.