In Net Neutrality Comments to FCC, TIA Continues to Make Case for Title I and Prioritization

Arlington VA. (July 17, 2017) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, today filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission regarding its Restoring Internet Freedom proceeding. TIA expressed support for the Commission’s proposed plan, saying it will drive private sector investment and spur innovation.

Cinnamon Rogers, TIA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, said, “The Chairman’s plan offers a balanced, light-touch approach that is essential in this era of smart technology. Increasingly sophisticated networks enable greater bandwidth, faster connections and more robust reliability and security. We’re confident that this plan will ensure an open internet while allowing manufacturers and suppliers of today’s communications networks the ability to respond to technological advancements and consumer demands, and lead to more investment, innovation and economic opportunity.”

In its comments and in a recently published op-ed, TIA highlighted the importance of prioritization in network management, saying:

“Prioritization has always been critical to network management and will only become more important as new technologies emerge…

“Even where the current rules do not necessarily preclude activities that are necessary to contemporary networks, the uncertainty over their scope is itself harmful. Today’s regime requires network engineers and solutions developers to be regulatory experts, or at least to consult with regulatory experts, to determine whether a practice will violate the law, or to predict that a practice might be deemed to violate the law….

“Given enormous technological changes on the horizon (such as wireless 5G) that will revolutionize network capabilities, it is extremely difficult to predict the applications, services, and uses that will emerge even over a relatively short time horizon…An uncertain regulatory climate or inflexible ‘one size fits all’ regulation would hinder innovation in those areas – areas where the U.S. currently enjoys a competitive edge.”



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