Fierce Digital Divide Summit: TIA Fireside Chat with NTIA

Earlier this week at the Fierce Telecom Digital Divide Summit, TIA’s vice president of government affairs, Melissa Newman, connected with Russell Hanser, Director of Communications Policy Initiatives at NTIA, for a virtual fireside chat to discuss how the Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 will help NTIA address the digital divide across the US.

The NTIA Director of Communications Policy Initiatives was asked a series of questions including:

  • Where does NTIA stand in the process OF drafting the upcoming request for comment implementing the broadband infrastructure act?
  • What comes after the request for comments is issued?
  • How is NTIA working with the states to prepare for program funding?
  • How is NTIA coordinating with the FCC and how does the broadband mapping fit into this effort?
  • How can industry effectively and efficiently engage with NTIA going forward?

CLICK HERE to visit the Fierce Digital Divide Summit and watch the session on demand.




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