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Cyber & Supply
Chain Security

TIA QuEST Forum's SCS 9001 Cyber and Supply Chain Security Standard has been designed with a holistic approach to ensure the security of ICT networks. By utilizing proven processes, controls, and measures, it continuously enhances security performance and aligns with emerging regulations worldwide.

With the release of SCS 9001 2.0, we are introducing a more comprehensive global cyber and supply chain security standard that can be adapted to all digital technologies, applications, and industry sectors. This standard aims to meet the demands of today's market while staying aligned with evolving government legislation and industry initiatives.

The latest revision of the TIA-942 Data Center Infrastructure Standard now includes enhancements to accommodate the increasing data growth, advancements in AI, and the growing focus on sustainability.

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The Costa Rican government becomes the first in Latin America to mandate that vendors certify to the SCS 9001 Supply Chain Security standard.

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As the ICT market remains immersed in a period of rapid transformation, TIA works diligently to stay ahead of the change.



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TIA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standards developing organization (SDO).



As the ICT market remains immersed in a period of rapid transformation, TIA works diligently to stay ahead of the change.


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