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TIA's Benchmarking initiative provides two types of evaluations for comparing a company’s performance against others.

​Performance Data Reports

Every month industry statistics are derived from the data submitted by certified TL 9000 registrations and provided free to the members of TIA's Business Performance Community. These Performance Data Reports (PDRs) are also offered for sale to non members.

PDRs provide reliable trend data and robust industry benchmark numbers for more than 130 product categories. These reports provide statistics such as Best-in-Class, Worst-in-Class, Industry Average and Monthly Average for each TL 9000 measurement in all product categories where sufficient data exists.

PDRs are compiled from mandatory monthly data submissions from all TL 9000 certified registrations, as required by the TL 9000 quality management system. TL 9000 Administrator, the University of Texas at Dallas, manages the database, oversees operations and produces the PDRs. The TL 9000 Administrator also guarantees complete security and contributor anonymity.

In addition to aiding the development of meaningful and valuable measurement, PDRs provide companies access to industry performance data suitable for benchmarking which in turns provides the basis for vendor performance appraisals and comparison to industry standards.

Benchmarking Projects

TIA's Business Performance Community also provides a free benchmarking service to its members. A benchmarking project can be created by five or more companies who seek to benchmark their operations through comparison of performance measurements.

A TIA benchmark project follows these steps:

  • Form a team of at least five companies interested in the project
  • Define the scope of the project
  • Define the measurements and counting rules
  • Set up a formal agreement among the participants and agree to the Benchmarking Code of Practice
  • Set up the benchmarking data collection system
  • Define how the benchmark outputs are determined from the submitted data
  • Submit the data over the chosen time period
  • Receive and analyze the benchmark data
  • Benchmark projects can involve TL 9000 measurements or other measurements defined by the project team.
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