Meet Some of the TIA Smart Buildings Working Group Participants

AEM International

AEM Test and Measurement solutions are designed to ensure the modern smart building network infrastructure is fully qualified to support the demands of IoT connected devices.

Concert Technologies

For over 25 years, Concert Technologies has provided building ownership groups with industry leading Tech-Ready Building solutions, establishing comprehensive and reliable ICT life-cycle management programs that provide valuable insight into Smart Building network infrastructure and help maximize ROI in Smart Building maintenance and technology deployments.


Since ushering in the telecom revolution with the invention of low-loss optical fiber in 1970, Corning has been continually innovating to increase the speed and capacity of optical fiber networks, while providing innovations that make deployment easier and more cost effective. Today, we are delivering optical communications solutions for growing segments like outdoor and indoor 5G networks, smart buildings, and hyperscale data centers.


DIRTT is an interior construction company. We build resilient modular interiors smarter, faster, cleaner, and more sustainably. Our building process is powered by innovative technology that delivers precision manufactured interiors for the commercial, healthcare, and education sectors. Our interior construction systems are designed to deliver long-term value and flexibility


With a history dating back nearly 100 years, IMEG Corp. grew from firms coming together under one vision: people-centered engineering. As a national engineering and design consulting company we’ve intentionally localized our focus to serve our regions and markets, allowing us to put relationships and communities first, without sacrificing expertise.

Legrand -
North and Central America

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures offering solutions for commercial, industrial and residential markets. Our North and Central American division is the largest component of Legrand worldwide with over 6,700 employees and innovative product categories and solutions that deliver and manage power, light and data.


On a mission to improve safety and security without compromising convenience, Openpath creates smart, customizable access control systems. By combining sleek hardware with cloud-based enterprise software, Openpath enables fast, reliable touchless entry using the smartphone in your pocket. The mobile and cloud system makes management easier than ever with encryption at every level and patented Triple-Unlock technology for added peace of mind.

Panduit Corp.

As the only end-to-end network and electrical infrastructure solution provider, Panduit understands the requirements of today’s advanced, global enterprise. From the data center and office to the plant floor and production line, we provide complete solutions, optimized to work together so you get the most out of your infrastructure investment.


Siemon designs and manufactures high-performance IT infrastructure solutions and services for Data Centers, LANs and Intelligent Buildings with global sales, technical and logistics expertise spanning 150 countries. Siemon offers the most comprehensive suites of copper and optical fiber cabling systems, racks, cable management, and Intelligent Infrastructure Management solutions.


RYCOM is a trusted leader in Smart Tech Solutions for the Real Estate Industry. For over 20 years, The RYCOM multi-skilled team develops, delivers, and supports the innovative strategy and the integrated layers of technology, data, and telecom required to create Smart Buildings today that meet the demands of the future. By staying at the forefront of technology solutions, utilizing best-in-class support models & exclusive outcomes-driven methodology, and delivering quality services with the highest level of care and support, RYCOM simplifies technology and data for clients so they can focus on their core business while achieving operational, environmental, and measurable results.   


SPECTECH is an independent technology consulting firm offering complete design, project management, managed services, and network monitoring specifically for building technology and systems initiatives in corporate and institutional environments. Spectech works with clients to provide advice, design direction and monitoring which will support and when possible, enhance our client’s business.

Switch Automation

Switch Automation offers an enterprise toolkit for digitizing and decarbonizing buildings. Whether the focus is a science-based target, a healthy building, or productivity, one Switch solution unifies and normalizes operational and business data across your portfolio to enable the process improvement necessary for significant financial, sustainability, and brand benefits.

University of New Mexico

Founded in 1889 as New Mexico’s flagship institution, UNM occupies nearly 800 acres near old Route 66 in Albuquerque, a metropolitan area of more than 500,000 people. The nationally recognized campus offers an outstanding experience in the midst of one of New Mexico's great public open spaces.