In an increasingly connected world with a growing number of number of suppliers, manufacturers and service, the global telecommunications infrastructure and ICT supply chain are at a greater risk than ever before as threats are continuing to evolve via more sophisticated cyberattack techniques and back-door mechanisms. With nearly every sector of the networked economy relying on a dynamic and global ICT supply chain, every actor in that supply chain has an obligation to ensure that the devices, equipment, and networks global businesses and consumers rely on can be trusted. We need to be doing all we can to minimize exposure to cyberattacks that threaten to endanger national security, disrupt critical infrastructure and impede economic growth. 

TIA Government Affairs works to secure the ICT supply chain and foster a resilient cybersecurity environment through the following efforts:

  • Advocating for consensus-based, industry-led standard and processes that address supply chain risk management, rather than rigid regulatory requirements that cannot keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies and threats
  • Supporting targeted government action to protect telecommunications networks from suppliers deemed to pose a national security threat 
  • Fostering a resilient cybersecurity environment through communication and information sharing across industry, governments and international boundaries
  • Developing flexible risk management tools that allow organizations to respond and adapt quickly when attacks occur
  • Advancing and enabling good cyber hygiene practices from the factory floor to the hands of the user
  • Collaborating with policymakers and stakeholders that develop common understanding of cyber risk management, best practices and resources to address current and emerging threats
  • Promoting broad consumer and industry education on cybersecurity best practices at every level of the ecosystem
  • Ensuring affordability and feasibility for small businesses and new entrants participating in the IoT ecosystem by working to prevent regulatory barriers and ensuring that all size players can participate
  • Prioritizing federal research funding and encourage investment for ICT cybersecurity research and development