TIA has long supported a free and open internet and the free flow of information and commerce that drives the U.S. economy. Our members represent the manufacturers and vendors of information and communications technology (ICT) equipment and services that enable today’s modern broadband networks and that provide consumers with fast, reliable connectivity.

Delivering More Access

The classification of broadband internet access as a lightly regulated information service encourages innovation and investment in more robust high-speed internet infrastructure and the development and deployment of high-tech communications equipment. Reducing regulatory barriers allows for accelerated deployment of next-generation wireline and wireless broadband infrastructure to meet growing consumer demand across the country, creates an innovation-friendly environment for entrepreneurs and engineers and generates high-paying jobs.

Improving the Consumer Experience

Prioritization of broadband traffic is critical to the internet’s operation and to customers’ ability to capture the full value of the broadband services they purchase. Complex rules about when prioritization can be used, how it gets paid for, and what practices are prohibited are unsustainable. Prioritization is endemic to how broadband networks function to deliver a great experience to the consumer, and continues to grow more important over time as we ask networks to perform more complex tasks.