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Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

In an increasingly connected world, the security and reliability of networks is critical to ensuring that consumers and businesses can realize the full potential of next generation technology. Since nearly every sector of the networked economy relies on a dynamic and global ICT supply chain, every actor in that supply chain has a responsibility to manage the risks they face. That’s why TIA supports consensus-based approaches and public private partnerships to address supply chain risk management. In addition, TIA supports targeted whole-of-government action where necessary to address certain, specific national security risks to the ICT supply chain.

Securing the ICT Supply Chain

ICT supply chains are global, dynamic, and complex, therefore supply chain risk management works best through consensus-based, industry-led processes. Industry-driven standard-setting efforts and public-private partnerships also play key roles.

TIA generally supports an approach that aligns input with expertise to empower organizations to make informed risk-based decisions, without compromising their ability to meet organizational objectives. Customers, including consumers, enterprises, carriers, and governments, must have access to trusted ICT suppliers and the ability to communicate that trust to those that rely on the products they buy.

Meanwhile, as the U.S. federal government responds to growing national security concerns about certain suppliers of communications products, TIA supports targeted action to protect telecommunications networks from suppliers deemed to pose a national security threat.

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