TIA Teams Up With UL To Advance Work in Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings are transforming how we interact with the environment, offering us settings that serve us, focusing on health, productivity and general well-being, while also operating more efficiently and safely. As we move quickly into this new future, collaboration with industry leaders will ensure our work standardizes the smart buildings ecosystem.

That’s why we were eager to kick off 2019 announcing our collaboration with UL, a leading global safety science organization, to accelerate an industry framework for the evolving world of smart buildings.

UL stands out as a trusted name in research, standards development and certification with 113 countries around the world with UL customers, 44 countries with UL employees and 159 UL laboratory testing and certification facilities. UL’s dedication to safety, compliance, sustainability, and quality make this collaboration ideal for us to lead together at the global level.

In order to expand our work to accelerate technology and smart building development across the world our first step will be collaborating on an online portal designed to educate viewers on the multiple aspects and solutions available for the smart buildings market. Together, we’ll be on the forefront of sharing and developing insights on commercial and technical smart buildings standards. The collaboration on smart buildings will also focus on safety, security – both cyber and physical, resiliency and sustainability for the future of connectivity.

Our organizations will also work to create a list of relevant standards for smart buildings, develop training content for smart buildings characteristics and criteria, and provide information on the value proposition of smart buildings.

Ultimately this new technology has the potential to improve efficiencies and safety, reduce costs, and dramatically improve the Quality of Experience for tenants, visitors, employees, and others within buildings. That’s why we launched our Smart Buildings Program in 2017 to create a scalable foundation for creating the elusive smart city, building by building, from the ground up.

TIA’s Smart Buildings Program is committed to helping develop a smart buildings ecosystem that unites connectivity, interoperability, communications, and capacity to create a scalable foundation for creating the smart city. The program creates a framework of best practices that combines functional and performance requirements with adequate security, reliability, and availability to provide a safe and connected environment. Learn more about the TIA and UL collaboration here.

About Harry Smeenk

Harry Smeenk is Senior Vice President of Technology Programs at the Telecommunications Industry Association.