TIA Hosts Second TR-42 Cabling Systems Committee Meeting of 2020

TIA’s CEO Dave Stehlin and TR-42 Leadership hosted an orientation webinar on June 1st to welcome guests and provide an overview of TIA and the TR-42 Committee. The TR-42 June 2020 Virtual Committee Meeting officially launched the week of June 8th with the Opening Plenary Session, which gave previews of the work that would be covered during the subcommittees’ sessions. The subcommittee meetings were filled with substantive presentations, ballot comment resolutions, and liaison reports. Some of the highlights include:

TR-42.1 Chair Retirement Announcement: It was announced during the Opening Plenary that Joe Cody from Corning, TR-42.1 Chair, had retired; and Diana Forbes from NIS, and previous TR-42.1 Vice-Chair, was appointed interim Chair and Ray Emplit with Harger, Inc. was appointed interim Vice-Chair until formal elections would be held in 2021.

Edge Data Center Task Group:  TR-42.1 approved the project request for “TIA-942-B-1 Edge Data Centers” and authorized a mock ballot. “The EDC Task Group presented a draft document for ANSI/TIA-942-B-1 addendum to the TR-42.1 subcommittee on June 9, 2020 and a vote was taken and approved to start a project request and mock ballot.  The scope of the addendum to TIA-942-B is to extend TIA-942 to include the infrastructure requirements and design guidelines for edge data centers.  It also extends the TIA-942 data center rating system by creating a new set of rating tables for edge data centers. The addendum was a joint effort between members of both the TR-41.1 Edge Data Center Task Group and the TIA Edge Data Center Working Group, a group separate from TR-42 that brings together carriers, data center owners, equipment and cabling suppliers, consultants, auditing firms, and others, to establish best practices for the mass scale operation of edge data centers. The TR-42.1 EDC Task Group has been completed. Work on the TIA-942 EDC addendum will now be done in the TR-42.1 subcommittee meetings, while the mock ballot will be processed in TIA TR-42.1 comments (using TIA comment form) has been requested from both TR-42.1 and the TIA EDC Working Group”. -Cindy Montstream, Legrand & Jonathan Jew, J&M Consultants, Inc.

  • Single pair multi-drop cabling: While TR-42.7 did not work on TIA-568.6 (single-pair multi-drop SPMD) and thermal performance of single-pair cables during the subcommittee meetings due to a lack of time, the following information was provided by Masood Shariff, from CommScope, who is spearheading the project: “IEEE 802.3da Single Pair Multi-Drop ( SPMD) will facilitate “hot plug and play” connectivity for a wide variety of IoT/M2M devices to improve efficiency, comfort, and sustainability of buildings while using the secure Ethernet protocol to send data from these devices up to the cloud for analysis enabling smart buildings”.

As the leading standards body for telecom cabling infrastructure, we are proud to welcome our new and returning officers for the exciting work ahead in 2020 – see below for a full list.

TR-42 2020 Committee and Subcommittee Officers:

Greg Sandels, Chair (OFS)
Henry Franc, Vice-Chair (Belden)
Jonathan Jew, Secretary (J&M Consultants)

Diane Forbes, Chair (NIS)
Ray Emplit, Vice-Chair (Harger Lightning & Grounding)

Cindy Montstream, Chair (Legrand)
Jonathan Jew, Vice-Chair (J&M Consultants)

Ronald Tellas, Chair (Belden)
Diane Forbes (NIS)

Wayne Larsen, Chair (CommScope Network Solutions)
Sterling Vaden, Vice-Chair (Vaden Enterprises LLC)
Valerie Maguire, Secretary (The Siemon Company)

Brad Woodman, Chair (Molex Inc.)
Brian Shuman, Vice-Chair (Belden)

Phillip Irwin, Chair (Panduit Corporation)
Dan Morris, Vice-Chair (KITCO Fiber Optics)

Patrick Van Vickle, Chair (Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corporation)
Roman Shubochkin, Vice-Chair (OFS)

Greg Sandels, Chair (OFS)
Dan Morris, Vice-Chair (KITCO Fiber Optics)

Several subcommittees are likely to have interim meetings throughout the summer before the next virtual committee meeting which will take place in October 2020. For more information about TR-42, or to join the committee, please contact Cheryl Thibideau at cthibideau@tiaonline.org

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