june 22 - 23

Global Member Meeting


Ben Lujan Headshot
Ben Luján

U.S. Senator, New Mexico
Chair, Subcommittee on Communications, Media and Broadband

Verizon CTO Kyle Malady
Kyle Malady

Chief Technology Officer

Geoffrey Starks headshot
Geoffrey Starks

FCC Commissioner


Susan Johnson

EVP of Global Connections & Supply Chain

Nathan Simington

FCC Commissioner

Ibrahim Gedeon

Chief Technology Officer

Charles Clancy

SVP/GM and Chief Futurist

David Goldman

Director of Satellite Policy

Cyril Pourrat

Chief Procurement Officer
British Telecom (BT)

Walt Copan

Director (Ret.)

Igal Elbaz

SVP of Engineering and Operations

Dirk Weiler

Chairman of the Board

conference agenda

Honest discussions on critical issues with leaders from TIA member companies, government officials and invited guests

Attendees will hear about the challenges and the opportunities in front of the telecommunications and ICT industry, including supply chain security, 5G rollouts, regulatory changes, and how our networks will evolve in the future.

DAY 01 — Tuesday, June 22, 2021

9:30 AM EDT

Opening Remarks

Dave Stehlin, CEO, Telecommunications Industry Association
Doug Moore, CEO and President, Fujitsu Network Communications; Chairman of the Board, TIA

10:00 AM EDT

Keynote: U.S. Senator Ben Luján

Chairman of Subcommittee on Communications, Media and Broadband

10:30 AM EDT

Keynote: Kyle Malady, CTO, Verizon

11:00 AM EDT

Panel: Accelerating Access to Broadband for Consumers and Enterprises


11:45 AM EDT

Panel: Challenges and Solutions to Accelerate 5G Network Rollouts


12:45 PM EDT

Panel: What expectations will change for suppliers as networks and services evolve?


DAY 02 — Wednesday, June 23, 2021

10:00 AM EDT

Opening Remarks

Dave Stehlin, CEO, Telecommunications Industry Association

10:15 AM EDT

Keynote: FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks

Closing the digital divide while opening RAN to trusted suppliers.

10:30 AM EDT

1 on 1 Interview with Dr. Charles Clancy

How can we help security catch up to the rate of technology?

11:15 AM EDT

Panel: Building Global Trust

Protecting IP and driving international standards.

12:15 PM EDT

How will Networks of the Future Drive the Global Economy?


1:15 PM EDT

Panel: The coming impact of IOT, IIOT, Connected Vehicles, Smart Buildings / Cities and AI


Tier Pricing

TIA’s Global Member’s Meeting is only open to TIA member and participant companies and invited guests. Membership options can be found here.


Included with Membership for Full TIA Member Companies

$ 99

Standard Committee, Tech Program, or QuEST Forum Participants

$ 199


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