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A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

​Demetrios Gianniris shared best practices for businesses to protect themselves from this real threat in today’s increasingly digital society.


The networks of the future are creating digital tools and capabilities to meet the diverse and dynamic requirements of consumers, businesses and the government. Beyond the pipes and hardware, the information and communications technology ecosystem is repositioning existing business models, launching new services, and moving to a new world of cross-industry competition and collaboration that…

cyber ecosystem

Trust in our networks relies on a resilient cyber ecosystem, capable of adapting to today’s rapidly shifting threat landscape.

cyber security

Telecom equipment manufacturers must defend against external attacks involving supervisory control and data acquisition security pertaining to industrial control systems, and telecom equipment security.

Cybersecurity is not a Tech Issue

​This webinar recognizes the value of a good security program for organizations.

woman looking at phone
Device Assurance

Network requirements for embedded devices means increased connectivity and confidential data storage and transmission.

TIA Applauds Creation of National Risk Management Center to Foster Collaboration Across Industry Sectors

Arlington, VA (July 31, 2018) –– In response to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s announcement of the creation of a National Risk Management Center today, that will provide coordination across industry sectors and the federal government to ensure the breadth of expertise needed to address the challenge of securing our nation’s infrastructure, the Telecommunications Industry…

TIA Supports FCC Action to Protect USF Networks

Arlington, VA (July 2, 2018) –– The FCC should take targeted steps to protect networks supported by the Universal Service Fund (USF) from specific suppliers deemed to pose a threat to national security, said the Telecommunications Industry Association, the largest trade association for the manufacturers and suppliers of information and communications technology products and services. In…

TIA’s Network of the Future Underscores Cross-Industry Cooperation as Key Factor to Accelerating Connectivity

Recap of this year’s keynotes, panel discussions and presentations.