Aerospace and ISO 9001

​This webinar included updates that are planned for the aerospace management system standard and the process used for the update.

Cybersecurity is not a Tech Issue

​This webinar recognizes the value of a good security program for organizations.

Qualifications and Oversight Changes for TL 9000 CB Auditors

The webinar informed new CB TL 9000 auditor qualifications, oversight and audit requirements for effective third-party certification process.

The IAF and Why it Matters

This webinar provided a detailed explanation of the IAF and IAF’s impact on the operations of accrediting bodies, certification bodies, and certified organizations globally.

The Value of Making it Easy – How Companies Can Prosper by Improving Customer Ease of Doing Business

​In this webinar Noah Grayson and Pat Gibbons revealed new research about the potential impact of making it easier for customers to do business with a company.

TL 9000 Measurements

This webinar provided an overview of TL 9000 measurements, definition, computation, and product categories. It also provided a high-level view of the TL 9000 Measurements Repository System.

TL 9000 Overview & Certification

This webinar provided an overview of TIA’s Business Performance Community and its products with an emphasis on the TL 9000 Quality Management System.

TL 9000 R6.0 Requirements & ISO 9001:2015

This webinar was a presentation by QuEST Forum Integrated Global Quality (IGQ) leaders on the plan to update TL 9000 R6.0 requirements to include ISO 9001:2015.

TL 9000 Requirements

This webinar provided an overview of the TL 9000 requirements framework, its basic concepts, and what TL provides over the ISO 9001 quality standard while expounding specifically upon supply chain…

​​The Science Behind an Accredited Certificate

This webinar provides an understanding of the system behind an ISO or ISO based internationally recognized accredited certificate and the relationship among the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), an Accreditation Body, a Certification Body, a certified organization and an end user.