A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

​Demetrios Gianniris shared best practices for businesses to protect themselves from this real threat in today’s increasingly digital society.

Fail not, with ISO 9001:2015

​Risk management deals effectively with opportunities, threats and disastrous events.

GFSI…The Bumpy Road to Auditor Competency

​This webinar presented how the GFSI Auditor Competency Scheme Committee (ACSC) addressed auditory competency, both internal auditors and third-party certification bodies, that make or break the integrity of a company’s product.

Improving Sales Funnel Efficiency

​This webinar covered what to look for in sales opportunities, how to measure sales efficiency, questions to ask, how to drive to closure and tools for success.

Opportunities for Engagement

​This webinar was led by Steven Choy and Ed Byan and addressed opportunities for engagement.

​Economic Impact of Technology with NFV and Cloud Services

​For small businesses that want to stay competitive and win business with ICT service providers and suppliers; talking the talk is a priority.

​How Do New Terms Get into Standards

​This webinar gave session participants a better understanding and appreciation of how terms are selected and defined in standards and how terminology document is used by standards.

​Introduction to the Cost of Poor Quality and its Impact of Profitability

​This webinar was an introduction to the cost of poor quality and best suited for owners of small businesses.

​TL 9000 R5.5 Requirements Overview

​This webinar is ideal for anyone who implements or audits a TL 9000 QMS.

​TL 9000 Worldwide Audit Findings Summary – The Facts & Trends

​For several years, QuEST Forum collected TL 9000 certification, recertification and surveillance audit finding statistics from all its Certification Bodies worldwide.

​TL 9000: 2016 (R6) Changes and Transition Guide Webinar

​This webinar described the changes and transitions needed for TL 9000:2016 (R6).