TR-8.25 Compliance Assessment


Jim Holthaus
BK Technologies

Committee Description

The Compliance Assessment Subcommittee shall be responsible for the resolution of compliance assessment related questions. The resolution process is to investigate questions of Conformance, Performance (i.e. measurement methods), and Interoperability, recommend a resolution, test compatibility of the resolution with existing implementations, then migrate the impacted standard (or standards) in the recommended direction, deprecating the older standard (or standards) in favor of the newer standard (or standards) recommendation. The resolution process would be maintained by TR-8.25. The process shall also make clear that new standards do not invalidate older products validated by previous standards.

The Compliance Assessment Subcommittee will also be responsible for the development and publication approval of identified TIA standards for Project 25 Conformance, Performance (i.e. measurement methods), and Interoperability not assigned to other TIA TR-8 subcommittees.