March 2016, Version C

Project 25 TIA-102 Documentation Suite Overview

Standard Details

Revision: C

Published date: March 2016

Committee: TR-8 | Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards

Standard Abstract

The TIA-102 series of documents are continuously evolving as a result of advancements in LMR technologies, emerging LMR operational needs, and other factors (e.g., LMR Service radio spectrum regulatory changes). The TIA-102 series of documents describe and define the functionality and performance necessary to enable interoperable (i.e., multi-manufacturer) implementation of open interfaces, services, and features for digital LMR equipment. The TIA-102 series of documents also describes and defines tests and test methodologies that can be used by LMR equipment developers and others to assess implementations for this functionality and performance. The TIA-102 series of documents, individually (including this document) and collectively, do not constitute a specification for implementation of LMR equipment and systems in general and TIA-102 equipment in particular.1

The purpose of this document is to:

  • identify the interfaces and services covered by the TIA-102 series of documents and;
  • identify relationships between the specifications defined in the TIA-102 documents.

In regard to these first two purposes, the scope of this document includes informative consideration of:

  • system models, and;
  • interfaces, services, features, and;
  • other (e.g., informative documents that aid in the use of the TIA- 102 documents).
  • reference in a structured manner the documents that compose the TIA-102 series.

In this regard, the scope of this document includes consideration of:

  • TIA-approved documents composing the TIA-102 series and;
  • TIA-approved documents supplemental to the TIA-102 series, and;
  • other relevant documents.

NOTE: This document might be regularly updated to reflect changes in the TIA- 102 series.

1 See Annex B for an informative glossary that identifies widely used terms, acronyms, and abbreviations defined elsewhere in the TIA-102 series of documents. Annex B acts as an informal resource to assist general understanding of the TIA 102-series of documents and to explain the acronyms and abbreviations used in this document.