March 2016, Version E

Land Mobile FM or PM Communications Equipment Measurement and Performance Standards.

Standard Details

Revision: E

Published date: March 2016

Committee: TR-8 | Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards

Standard Abstract

This standard provides a definition, methods of measurement and performance standards for radio equipment used in the Private (Dispatch) Land Mobile Services that employ FM or PM modulation, for transmission of voice or data using analog or digital techniques, with a frequency of 1 GHz or less.

This standard may be applicable to services other than those listed above. Use of this standard is encouraged for any application of similar equipment. However, the user should review the required standards needed for the specific application.

Standards for equipment employing digital C4FM or CQPSK modulation may be found in TIA-102.CAAA-C and TIA-102.CAAB-C.

This standard is promulgated to apply to land-mobile equipment licensed under Federal Communications Commission (FCC Part 90) in the Public Safety, Special Emergency, and Industrial Radio Services.

This standard also has applicability for equipment used by the federal government services that fall under National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA) rules. The measurement procedures of this standard are also applicable to the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) (25 kHz spaced channels only) in the 450 to 470 MHz band (FCC Part 95), as well as Remote Broadcast Pickup (voice quality only) (FCC Part 74). Certain sections of this standard are applicable to the VHF Marine Radio Service (FCC Part 80) and the Common Carrier Radio Service (FCC Part 22). However, technical standards may vary depending on FCC rules for those services.